Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wish me luck with my face.

Yesterday I was able to get another thing checked off my to-do list.

In January, during morning duty, a few coworkers and I were talking about lipstick watching the kids dutifully.  We were like hawks, I tell you.

I mentioned something about the fact that I own not one tube.  I haven't worn lipstick since our wedding in 2005.

(And that was quickly worn off during out 8 minute, never-ending, passionate kiss at the altar.)

They were shocked and we decided that it was time to update my "look."

So, we planned an overnight trip to Kansas City for some girl time.

So that I could get a new face.

Unfortunately, Maggie was born a few days before the trip was scheduled so they cancelled and never went.

Ever since then we have been talking about going back.

We planned the trip to Kansas City for this week.

But, then several people weren't able to make it because of things that came up.

It is impossible to get a time that works for everyone during the summer.

Everyone is just so darn busy.

So, we planned to go to Wichita instead.

To get me a new face.  To start a new beginning, or something, for me.

The first thing we did was head to Sephora.

Not the one that we went to, but close enough.  Source here.
Holy crap.
That place was totally out of my league.

The last time I had bought make-up was at Target several months prior.

This place?

Ridiculous. Overwhelming to say the least.

I felt like I was in a foreign country. I had no idea what half of the stuff even said or what it was for.

There is no way I would have gone in there by myself.

But, I put on my big-girl underpants and I scheduled a little make-over with John.

And sat in the fancy chair.

And he got busy.

Please Lord, I pray I don't look like a freaking clown after all of this is done.
He put about 18 layers just on my skin.

For moisturizing, priming, softening, soothing....

I have no idea what any of it was for.

Then he put more stuff on my eyes- stuff to get the bags to go away, primer, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, more eye liner, some powdery white stuff, mayonnaise, and moisturizer.

Just kidding about the mayo.  But he totally could have put that on and I would have been like, "Cool! I never would have thought of that. I'm totally doing that when I get home."

Then he added some blush and bronzer and powder and eyeshadow to my face and forehead.

Then he put some plumper crap on my lips.  

And I crossed my fingers that I didn't end up looking like this:

Is this even attractive? Source
And he topped it off with some lip liner and lip gloss stuff.

Please ignore the gimp eye.  The mayo must have been weighing it down.
And then some other friends got some other quick things done.

Tried on fake eyelashes.

And airbrushed foundation.  

Who knew this was even popular?  John said he sells several of these things a week.  

For only $225 you can buy the airbrush. Then for $50 you can buy the foundation cartridge.

He said "everyone's doing's the new thing."

What in the world?!?!

Needless to say, none of us purchased that.

But it was fun (and free) doing it.

Then, lunch at Il Vicino's in Bradley Fair.


This little piggy ate her whole pizza.

Then we did some shopping.

And found some shoes for the first day of school.

Welcome, fourth graders.

I am your tramp-bag-teacher.

What a happy day.

So glad that we finally got this done--6 months later.

Now, the only problem is I have this bag-o-goodies from Sephora and I have no recollection what they are for or how to use them or where to put them or when to put them on.

And, the best part?

When I got home, I asked Dave, "Does anything about me look different?"

And his reply?

"You got your uni-brow waxed!"



  1. Ha Ha! Oh Dave...I think you looked beautiful with all your new makeup. I told Mark I bought the airbrush machine and he about busted a ball! I love tricking him sometimes. I had a total blast shopping and spending time with you yesterday. This is one of the many reasons why I want to move back to Kansas.

  2. You look fabulous, although I think you looked pretty fab before. LOVE those shoes, too!

  3. Funny, funny post. Dave's quips sound just like Hollins' remarks. ;)

  4. You look great! Can you imagine those shoes for an entire day at school, whoa! I think that everytime I see the Bad Teacher preview with Cameron Diaz, really?! Clearly no one researched for that one.=)

  5. You look beautiful! I, too, am a make-up minimalist and don't know what to do with half the stuff out there. I've always wanted a makeup "lesson" but can't bring myself to pay for one since I probably won't use the techniques I learned much anyway :)


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