Annoying Things

Slushy, gross snow.
Fruit flies. Don't look too closely.  Their red little eyes are nasty.
Skin sticking to leather seats. And peeling off your skin just makes you feel fat.
Wearing wet jeans.
Pants that are too tight.
Smelly trashcans.
When something spills in the fridge.
Stepping on something wet in your socks.
People who go under the speed limit.
Cold french fries.
Having too many chips left over and not enough nacho cheese. Or vice versa.  If your ratio if off, it's bad.

When public restroom floors are wet.
Unsticky sticky notes.  Then it's just a normal piece of paper.
No water pressure.
Shopping carts with squeaky or floppy wheels.
Subscription cards that fall out of magazines.


Wet gloves
Using a wet towel to dry off.
Markers with furry tips.
Dull pencils.
When all the goodness squishes out one end of your sub sandwich.  Or taco. Or burrito.
Opening a tube of crescent rolls or biscuits.

When the automatic toilet flusher goes off and you're not done.
Watered down soda.
Scissors that stick together.
Loud breathers.

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