Awesome Things

The smell of the dryer vent.
The sound of a soda can opening.
Fountain Coke.


Bringing the groceries to the house in one trip.
Really nice handwriting.
Folded chips.
Slightly melty ice cream.
Crunchy edges of the casserole.

Finally getting the popcorn kernel out from between your teeth.
Anesthesia that goes well.
Waking up and realizing you still have a long time to sleep.
Smelly markers.
Rabbit turd ice.

Songs that you love, even though you shouldn't.
Really short chapters in a book.
Clean sheets.
When the waiter brings you a refill without you asking.
Coming home and dinner is already made.
Ratio of milk to cereal is perfect.
When random babies say hi to you in the store.
Crossing things off your to-do list.
Peeling skin off of a sunburn.
School supply and school supply aisles.
Taking your contacts out after a long day.
Really hot french fries.
Finding a pen you really like.
The middle cinnamon roll.
When someone's laugh is funnier than the joke.
The sound when you hit the golf ball well.

When DVDs have bloopers.
Coming home to a clean house after vacation.
Fat Babies Not obese, you're going to die fat. Just cute-fat.
Listening to old mixed tapes from friends.
New markers that are chisel tip.


Sleeping kittens.


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