Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm that lady.

I have become one of those bloggers.
Where the babies come and I have fallen off the face of the earth. 
I swore I would stay on top of things and not forget this little old guy.


This twin thing is crazy.
Like no-time-to-shower-for-days crazy.
Wear-the-same-thing-day-after-day crazy
(who cares if there's spit-up on it?  I'll just get more on it anyways).

There is so much to talk about, right?
I mean, they are 2 months tomorrow and I haven't posted once.
Where do I start?
The delivery?
Our stay in the hospital?
Their first month?
The second month?
Their eating/sleeping/whatever habits?
What I've learned?
What I've done to survive?
How much I love them to pieces?

Where do I start?

Yes, I know it's sideways.  It looked normal when I uploaded it.  And, really, I'm not going to take the time to figure out how to flip it around. 
At this point, it is easier for you to turn your head or turn your computer.  Cause like that one lady says, "I ain't got time for that."

But, aren't they precious?  Heartbreaking? Perfect?
And completely time consuming.
Precious babies trump blogging.
Every time.
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