Sunday, June 19, 2011

6 + 1 Reasons

I am hopeful that sometime I will be able to wish you a real Happy Father's Day instead of a lame one like I did today.  It didn't feel super happy to me today.

Like, it'd be fun to have a Father's Day where our daughter hasn't just died and I don't have to fake-sign her name on your card. 

You will be a great dad.  Because you are a great husband.

Why will you be a great dad?

0.  If we have kids, you have already told me that you will get up in the middle of the night every time the kid cries.  I won't have to even wake up. I can just lay there and sleep peacefully.  Remember when you told me that?  You pinky swore that you'd do that for me.

1.  You like to help kids.

Here, you are "helping" my niece complete some level. And she is "helping" you by not spilling your brewsky.

2.  You make me laugh.  Even when I am mad and don't want to laugh and just want to be mad.  I laugh anyways.  And, you make me laugh at inappropriate things.  Such as my to-do list that you hijacked at some point.  You think you're so funny.  And, I do too.

That will never happen. That will never get checked off my list.
3.  If necessary, you could deliver our child. You have offered, I have politely refused.  But, you could.
The poor lady doesn't even know what's comin'. 
And, you'd do it with a smile, if you had to.

4.  Kids love you.  And you could spend hours playing with them.  
Not quite sure what kind of castle you're building...
5. You are patient with me. And with pretty much everyone.
I don't have pictures of you being patient with me, your dear wife.  Probably because I don't take pictures when I'm torked off and you're being super patient with me.
6. You were a great daddy to Maggie.

I hope that, sometime soon, the little bundle you're staring at, is looking back at their amazingly wonderful daddy.  And you can look down at it and make plans for a future together.

And, I can sit there and watch.  With a full and happy heart.

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  1. Rachel~Thanks for your honesty. I appreciate your blog as it reminds me to continually pray for you and how I can keep praying. My heart aches when I read your posts and I am so impressed with the way you are processing all of this.


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