Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I'd take in a fire.

1 month until Maggie's due date.

(I'd be 36 weeks.)

The day I had been counting down for months.  No, years.

Waiting for it anxiously.


It's the day I've been dreading for months.

I'm trying to figure out what to do on that day.  Stay home?  Travel?  Meh.  Nothing really sounds that great.  I mean, what can compare to giving birth to your daughter?

Fries and a fountain Coke with rabbit-turd ice are my best option at this point.

For the last few months, I've had a box of Maggie's stuff.

Ideally, I want to put this stuff into a book or scan it in and make a snapfish book or something.

I guess I could add that to my to do list.

But I don't think I'm quite ready to work on that yet.

I might just sit there and drink a lot and eat lots of chips.

Which wouldn't be that horrible, I guess.

So instead,  I put all of it in the bottom drawer of our new dresser.

It was empty anyways.

I'm now rethinking all of this.  Maybe I should put this all in a scrapbook so that I can empty it out and fill it with new clothes.  Except lately I only want to buy clothes with elastic waists. But, a whole drawer of elastic-waisted-stretchy-Sunday-pants is not sounding so awful. In fact, it sounds like heaven in a wardrobe.

I don't understand how one kid can have so much crap.

I thought I was all clever labeling these with letters that you could read what each one is.

I must have been totally distracted by the delicious Coke that I may or may not have been drinking (I may or may not have vowed to stop drinking it again.  And I may or may not have told a friend last night after drinking one at her house that I can stop whenever I want.  The true voice of an addict).

Anyways, there are 2 Ds, 2 Es,  and 2 Fs and who knows what else I did with this madness.

And, don't forget. I teach your chilluns.

Ultrasound Pictures--all of them from November to March.  The ones you can see are the first ones we ever got. She's just a blob of goodness right there.  I just wanted to squeeze that sesame seed of cuteness and perfection.

A cute little stuffed moose given to Maggie by my parents' neighbor.

Heaven Is For Real.  Have you read it?  Super good (and quick). And it helped me remember that Maggie and all the other kids are riding sparkly ponies through rivers of chocolate and marshmallows.

Cards I've received and am too hoardy to throw away.  If you sent me one, I still have it.

Pictures from a walk thing I did with some friends from work.  This was the weekend before Maggie was born and the last pictures I have of her in me.  Super creepy to think that she was probably not living at this point. 

Maggie's photos from the hospital.  

The adorable little booties that my friend made.  Seriously want crazy-jerk-cat-Fergie to wear these.  That is, if she wouldn't bite my face off in the process of dressing her.

I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm saving this.  I feel like a bit of a hoarder.  This is the calendar I used for the year to track days, doctor appointments, when to give shots, take pills, when to take a crap, and when to breathe.  Everything was pretty scheduled.  It was my life.  I was so excited in November to think that I was done with this.  I now have a new one in my purse. 

The box from the hospital that contains Maggie's hand and footprints, her baby blanket, and her wristbands from the hospital.

A picture book given to me from a past coworker (Oh no!  I just realized I never sent you a thank you!  Please be watching your mail but for now, just know that the book was delivered (and the cookie was devoured) and I am so appreciative.  Thank you!  And thanks for not thinking I'm a huge jerk). It is beautiful- with amazing illustrations and words.

The card that came with my flowers for Mother's Day from my in-laws.

The manuals to our stroller and car seat.  Because we had no freaking idea what to do with them.  And, now, I have no freaking idea where they are.   Crossing my fingers that my mom put them somewhere. Ma?

CDs of music that I have made and others have made.  Rod Stewart's Maggie May song is not on either one.  Have you read the lyrics? A little too Mrs. Robinson-ish for me.

My two hospital bands--one from December from the ER and the other from March in labor & delivery. I don't think I've told the story about December and our scare. This is when we pretty much thought she was a girl.  She was already causing drama and costing us lots of money. That will have to come at a later time.  

A little peek of the card that my students gave me when they gave me the Red Bud tree.

Some memorabilia sent from some friends in Lithuania.  If you want to have wonderful people in your life, go there.  There's something in the water or beer (or brandy, LR!) there that makes them amazing.

I totally know what I would take if there was a fire in my house. I'd throw Dave and fatty kitty in there and run like the wind.  Yeah, I'm fast.

Also, while typing this, my fatty cat puked.

She either stuffed her face too quickly while eating or she has bulimia.

She has issues no matter how you slice it.

And, if there's a fire, she's totally on her own.

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