Wednesday, June 15, 2011

JJRRMGT Forever. Word.

I'm just letting you know that I have the most awesomest-amazeballs-rock-my-world-friends of all times.

I love them.

This is our love story.

We met in college.  Not all at the same time, but eventually, the stars aligned (or however that saying goes) and we all became besties.  For life.

There are seven of us.  We even have a blog that has been frightfully ignored since facebook stole its thunder.

We don't see each other often enough.  For awhile we saw each other at weddings and a random visit here and there.  But now, we have to purposefully plan seeing each other.  Which kind of stinks.  'Cause they are super fun and I think I wet my pants from laughter every time I'm with them.

So, here we are when we last got together.  At Jillian's wedding.

Little Rach, Tric, Min, Jillian, Me (Big Rachel), Gretch, and Jules.
This was almost a year ago.  After this picture was taken I'm pretty sure we sat around a table for 4 hours talking and laughing hysterically.  I don't even know why we were laughing.  Something about a pen and Gloria and vases????  It's not really that funny, I know.

Anyways, I got a package in the mail today.  And I recognized the handwriting immediately.  And I knew immediately what it was.  And I was immediately happy.  I couldn't get up my driveway quickly enough.

Inside was a card and 2 CDs.  They had the brilliant idea of each submitting 5 songs to DJ Gretch-Dawg and she would compile the songs into some CDs.  Awesome.  I just listened to both of them.  And, I tried to predict who submitted which song.  Just like us and our randomness, the songs were super random and perfect reminders of my super  BFFs.

And, because I am obsessed with my friends, I want you to know them and love them as much as I do.

Little Rach-  

  • She is Little Rachel and I am Big Rachel because we had the same first and last names in college.
  • She likes to eat seaweed and wheat germ and sprouts and we like to make fun of her for it.
  • She is an amazing mama- taking care of her kiddos while her husband plays bass for famous people.


  • She is unbelievably thoughtful.  She puts all 7 of us to shame when it comes to staying in touch with people.
  • She is an NP--if I ever get sick, I pick her as one of my nurses.
  • She cannot be trusted with a pair of rollerblades.  She's a maniac, I tell you!


  • She married one of Dave's besties.  So when we get together, the boys play lame video games where they save the world from aliens and meteorites and we do way more important stuff.  Like drink coffee. And raid her snack drawer.
  • She is strong and little.  I watch my back when I'm around her.
  • I can guarantee a machine gun laugh when I am with her.


  • Jill's meals in college made me have that puke flavor in my mouth.  She ate cottage cheese with soy sauce and Malt-O-Meal with jelly and orange-square cheese.  Seriously.  
  • She is an old soul--which is a really good thing.  She is thoughtful and full of good things and she says things that make me think and appreciate life.
  • She has been known to play one mean game of Boggle.
  • She knows more good music and has more decorating style than anyone I know.  Seriously, she should come decorate my house while playing me good music. Oh, and make me coffee and drinks.
  • Her laugh is infectious.  I laugh just cause she is laughing, which I adore.  There's nothing better than that.
  • Everything she says makes me laugh.  Like when she challenges Mindy to a fight.  Or when she calls all of our friends movie stars because they are too busy to respond to her emails.  And how she talks about how much she loves car races.

  • She and I lived in Rochester, MN together after college.  And she introduced me to Culver's Peanut Butter shakes and I owe her my life for that.  But, when you drink that shake, you have to stick your pinky out, just like Jule-bag does.
  • She also married one of Dave's besties.  And yes, he is another one that saves the world via lame games.  And she just rolls her eyes about it.
  • Jules has been super woman lately.  She finished going to school for being an NP, worked full time, and took care of her babies.  Superwoman? Yes.
I cannot say enough good things about them.
The only thing that I don't like about them is that we don't live down the street from each other.

That's our story.
And we lived happily ever after. 
In our Sunday pants.
Drinking coffee.
And listening to really good music.


  1. Aren't close friends the best?

    And... I'm very intrigued by this PB shake. Is it PB cup or just straight up PB? We have a culvers near us. I may have to try it...

  2. Okay, you need to bust a move to Culver's ASAP! it is a peanut butter concrete shake. You make want to share it with the hubster, as it is a lot of pb. If you don't want to share, it freezes okay too. And also, I would highly recommend getting the kid's meal there. It's almost the same size as the adult meals and you get a free scoop of ice cream (go for vanilla with peanut butter (liquid) topping) with each meal. And when you save your tickets from the bag you get a free kids meal after 10 times or something. We had one within walking distance when we lived in Minneapolis. We super adore it.
    And I just wrote way too much about Culver's.


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