Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Longest Day of Summer.

I spent the morning gardening with my mom.
Cute mama in her cute gardening hat.
We picked green beans.

I like green beans now.
But I used to hate them as a kid.
I told my parents they made my teeth hurt. Hot dogs did too.
The thing is, when they are cooked, they squeak when you chew them.
It's gross and creeps me out.
It's just not right for food to be all squeaky in your mouth.
They made me eat them anyways.

But, I'm over that now.
Fresh green beans are delish.

Enough beans for a small village.

Then we dug up some taters.

Then I found this guy.  Munching on our goodies.
I thought he was cute.  Mom was ticked that he was eating our produce.
I just kept thinking that we had our own real-life very hungry caterpillar.

And we got some red onions and red beets.

On my way to and from my parent's house, I keep driving past this beauty.
For sale!
Calling out my name.

Dave already said no.
That we don't need this professional-grade mower for our acre of lawn.
I disagree.
Isn't she pretty?
I could mow some sweet lawn with that thing.
In like 5 seconds flat.
And my drink (which would be in my cup holder) would stay cold and wouldn't spill the entire time I was mowing.

I'm crossing my fingers for a really yellow anniversary present.
Dave, I hope you are reading this and taking notes furiously.
And guess who greeted me at the door when I got home?

And then she went back to her busy day.

Anybody have some ideas on how to get a bluejay to stop crapping on your patio chair?
Dave's only idea is to shoot it.
(Good idea, Mr. Veterinarian.)

Obviously, Mr. Bluejay really likes him some mulberries.


I didn't want your last mental image to be a pile of bluejay poo.

This was last December at Dave's parent's in Mini-sodah.

Not to be confused with my other favorite -- the mini soda.

But, either one should cool you off just by looking at them.

Oh sure, you betcha.

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