Friday, June 3, 2011 Things.

A few random things.

If you have emailed me or written me some sort of message there is a very good chance I have gotten them.  They are sitting in my inbox waiting for me to reply.  Replying to you is on my summer to-do list. I've just been really busy.  Like super busy.  Yawn.  Maybe not.  But whatevs.  It's my summer vacation. I'll do what I want.

If you want to share this blog with someone else, please do. You don't need to ask. I really don't care who reads this and if it helps someone, that's even better.  Obviously, I'm not about discretion and keeping things private at this point.

However, if they have a working riding mower that they want to give me, please send them this blog address.  Even if they don't ask.  I'm dreading mowing in July.  And, don't worry if it doesn't have a cup holder on it. I have a koozie and a hot glue gun. I'll go all Martha Stewart on that mower.

I possibly have some exciting news for something happening in November.  It has nothing to do with a baby or eating-till-you-have-to-unbutton-your-pants-at-Thanksgiving.  But, it is nerve-wracking and exciting and totally out of my element.  I'll give you more details once I know more.

Does any one need some baby formula?  Seriously. This is not a joke.  I have a huge-ass box of 2 cans of newborn baby formula.

I got this huge box in the mail yesterday.  It was not awesome at all to get it.  It was like the biggest let down.

 I opened my mailbox and saw a big box. Excitement!  A package in the mail!  I pulled it out.

There is a cute little swaddled baby on it and all this crap about "your baby" and "newborn needs."  Blah, blah blah. Total let down and heart-sinker.

They must not have gotten the memo about Magster.

So, if anyone wants some Enfamil formula, I have two cans.  One is 8 oz of some premium newborn whatever (through 3 months old).  The other is an 8 oz can of "Gentlease" for fussiness and gas for 0-12 months.  If it went up to 31 years I'd save it for Dave. Sneak a dash in his morning coffee.  No more dutch-ovens in the Harder household, that's for sure.

There is also $16 dollars worth of coupons for formula (my name's on them, but you can have them and see if they work.  I'll be happy to give them to you.  For free.  Or, if you want to give me something to trade (like a riding mower, a bit-o-bling, a beer, a or a newborn baby), that'd be fine too.

If no one wants them, I'm saving them to make ice cream or blender-drinks this summer.  Or, I'm going to go all cheap and ban Dave from buying milk and make him use this on his giant bowl of cereal every morning. So if you come over, and all we serve you is ice cream, smoothies, and Cheerios, you've been warned.

But seriously--email me or whatever to let me know.

I didn't realize that I never mentioned this, but I did get Maggie's pictures from the hospital in the mail.  Guy from the place finally mailed them and I got them.  I'm not planning on posting them, as I'm not quite ready to do that and they aren't the  typical "baby with a ginormous pink flower hair bow laying on daddy's arm, freshly born" kind of picture.  Like this re-donk-u-lous-ness:

Seriously.  That is freaking huge. Imagine if grown women did that.  The flower would be the size of a bean-bag chair.  And it looks like her head is being smashed down and crushing her hand (her fingers are purple!) by the weight of the flower on her noggin. [Source]

But I did get them.  And I love them.  And someday I may share them.  But not today.

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  1. Matt and I are adopting and it has not gone as speedily as we hoped and so we too, got the formula and coupons in the mail. I had the same excitement of a package in mail, until I saw what it was. I have not lost a child but have lost the ability to have any, so I pray and think of you often, knowing how hard it must be for you and Dave.


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