Monday, May 23, 2011

note to self

If you are planning on going to water the plants at your daughter's grave, can I give you some advice?
Don't wear your new flip flops.
The ones that have fake gems on them.
(That's right--I wore flip flops with sparkles on them.
They are super cute.
My students kept staring at them when I was reading.
Maybe I can hypnotize them to sleep for the next 3 days.)

Anyways. Back to the thongs flippers.

Cause when you are carrying two gallons of water
and wearing those special flip flops
(and you just super-glued them before leaving work
because that's what you get for buying $9 bedazzled flip-flops)
and trompsing through the pasture?
It doesn't work too well.

Did I mention that the pasture isn't paved?
And it is full of *beautiful* Kansas grass (weeds and pokey plants)?
And I may or may not have stepped in a dried-out cow patty?

But, I did it.
I traipsed through that pasture,
watered her plants,
talked to the Magster for a bit,
before I almost got my car stuck in a pile of sand (a pile of sand is better known as a "dirt road" here in Kansas). 

I guess a mom will do anything for the kids, right?
Even if it does mean ruin their brand-new-bedazzled-but-they-won't-last-till-August-at-this-rate-flip-flops.

Sorry I did not get a cow patty in this shot.  And I am not one of those girls who is like, "Eww..I look fat."  But seriously, my calves look ginormous from this angle.  Or something.  Stare at the jewels, not the calves.
Oh, and for those of you wondering?
I had a great birthday.
Got some Cokes and candies
Got a massage from my co-workers (seriously love my teammates almost as much as a massage :) ).
I picked up dinner at the drive-thru (known as my parent's house).
And my hubster just walked in the door with daisies and card from him and Fergie.
(Does that officially make us crazy cat people?)
He is sweet (and smelly.  Pretty sure he didn't do as good of a job avoiding cow patties like I did today).

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  1. I have sat for the past two hours reading and rereading your blog! Rae I'm so sorry for your loss of Maggie. We have grown apart over the years yet I don't think that sadness for a friend can ever be taken away. You my friend will be in my prayers!!! Please know that isn't a line I like to throw around. I only just wish that I would have seen your blog before now.


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