Wednesday, May 18, 2011

45 hours

Just in case you were wondering,
there are 5 1/2 days of school left.

I love my kiddos but I love me some summer vacation.

Whoop whoop.

And, I bought a new purse.
The $25 Target one bit the dust.

Can I get another whoop?


  1. I used to teach, so I know exactly how you feel w/ the days left count down. Teachers totally deserve summer.

    And... I love me a new purse!

    Whoop whoop!

  2. A week ago I bought a new purse too. It's an international purse month! :)

    We are counting the days to our freedom in the most free land of all too! I can't wait to enjoy some beautiful Hesston heat! :)

  3. Lucky lady, we still have 13 days left ( I am sure you have blocked out those Rochester teaching days when summer is half over and we are still in school). I hope you have a great start to your summer. You deserve it.


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