Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easy Stuff

I'll start out with the easy stuff--what I did this weekend...
Went shopping and got some flowers for the yard.  Praying that I don't let them die.  Growing up in Arizona did not give me a green thumb for outdoor plants.

When I got home there was a present on my doorstep.  My wonderful in-laws sent me some flowers.  Tulips.  My favorites.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you.

Planted said flowers.  Said prayers while planting so they wouldn't die.

Red Geraniums in memory of Grandma's house in New York.  She always had these on her front porch.

Got these just cause.

Pink geraniums.  Again, cause I could.

And my favorites.  Daisies in memory of Maggie.  These are the flowers that we had at her funeral and that I always put on her grave when I visit.

At first I got purple and white ones.

It was way too K-State-ish.  So, I got yellow ones to add to the mix.  Now it shows off our love for the Vikings. But, more importantly, it shows off our love for our precious little girl.

After planting, Dave and I went to Bogey's for a milkshake.
Deliousness can be found here.  My favorite shake (out of hundreds to order)--peanut butter and banana. 
On Sunday?
Went to Hesston College graduation--watched kids that looked like they could be in my 4th grade class walk across the stage to graduate.  Erm...made me feel old.

Went to the Panda Buffet and stuffed my face.  But not enough to feel miserable.  Just enough to wish I had been wearing my stretchy pants.

Went to mom and dad's for awhile.

Came back and graded 24,428 papers.  Said prayers of thanks when I finished. I seriously hate grading papers. Hate it.

Now that that crappy job is done, I need to peel myself off this couch and water my flowers, do some laundry, and visit Maggie.

Great weekend.

Oh, and in case you were wondering?  I have 13.5 days of school left.  Boo-yah.

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  1. Great minds definitely think alike--tulips are my favorites too! :) Have you been to Pella, Iowa for the tulip festival?! You would love it! :)
    Oh and I totally agree about the papers--the bane of my teaching existence! ;)


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