Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My cup runneth over

I always forget how the end of the school year gets so incredibly busy.

Seriously.  Enough already. (10.5 days if you are wondering).

But, it's probably good that I am so busy.  It keeps me out of trouble.  Right, mom?

On Monday I got to school and I had a beautiful surprise on my desk (I was gone all day Friday on that dirty, dirty field trip).

It was from one of the computer dudes at work.
Yeah? Can you believe it? A computer nerd who has social skills? (totally stereotyping now--just watch--my computer is going to be filled with viruses and unmentionable website links when I get back to work tomorrow).
The guy that I'm pretty sure cringes every time I email him.
Because I spilled Coke all over my keyboard.
Or because I can't figure out how to charge some equipment. 
Elementary school teachers, I'm pretty sure, are not tech-ie guys' favorites.
We are sometimes high-maintenance.
I'll admit it.
Sometimes?  Okay, most times.

But, this guy?  And his wife? (whom I've never met, by the way) They made this for me.
And there was a note and a book that I have already started reading.
Seriously.  How nice.
And, to top it all off?  The card on the rose was from Maggie.  She told me she loved me.
My cup runneth over.


Then, I got a card in the mail from my niece and nephew.

They are the cutest kiddos ever.  And so sweet. (And not to mention their fine-motor skills are amazing!)
They get those qualities honestly.  Their mother, my sister, is amazing.  More on her later.
I do hope that Maggie is that happy in heaven.  That her smile is that big all the time.

Then, I got on a message on facebook from a parent of a past student.
She wondered if I liked strawberries.
If you know me, you know I LOVE those berries.
Since her baking is amazing, I thought I was going to get a decadent, sugary, creamy dessert.
She and her son stopped by school.
And she pulled this out of her front seat.

I'm super pumped and super scared.
I love strawberries.
I have never grown one in my life.  Arizona doesn't do that shnaz.  We grow, like cacti and dirt.
Not delicious berries.
I'm terrified I'm going to kill it in point seven seconds.
Any suggestions? How do I keep this wonderful thing alive?
Thanks, BR!  I will think of you and your wonderful son every time I try not to kill it.


And then, my wonderful hubby had dinner ready for me when I got home tonight.
I could get used to this.
If I were a nurse I'd totally want to stick a needle in his arm vein.  It's so pokey-outey.
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."  ~Lao Tzu
This sums up the past 2 months of my life.  
Maggie has given me courage.  
You have given me strength.

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  1. "Pokey-outey." I love those Amish colloquialisms.


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