Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm a jerk and other things.

So, I just found out that I am a jerk.  I may have stuffed my foot in my mouth.  So, I apologize.

If you bought me a Mother's Day card and aren't planning on giving it to me now because I am a jerk and I spewed verbal diarrhea about Mother's Day cards without thinking...I apologize. 

Of course, I'd love to have cards for Mother's Day.  Although they will be hard to read, I am glad that I even have the option of getting Mother's Day cards.  Some people don't even have the opportunity and they pray every day that they would could as close as I did to being a mother.

So, yeah.  Don't return the card and know that I am thankful even if I don't sound like it on this bloggyblog. 

Also, I was looking through the pictures on my phone.  Below are 3 or 4 random ones that I enjoyed seeing.

This is the stroller we got for Maggie.  Fatty Fergie had to try it out to make sure it was safe.  Dave tried to make the cat puke.  And, I'm pretty sure Fergie was pushing the weight limit of that thing.

This is my husband.  He is 32 years old.  This is when we were driving back from Kansas City after Maggie died.  He had to stop at this gas station.  I realized why when we got there. It had video games.   Mmmmkay.  Thanks.Kay.Bye.  I'll be in the car waiting. I'm way too mature for your video games.

This was taken soon after we found out Maggie was a she-male.  I didn't take many belly shots as I didn't want to be super obsessed. I wished I would have taken more.  Please ignore the crap-pot and hamper lid behind me.

That's all.

Also, thanks for your prayers.  I feel them and I can't imagine what this would be like without them.


  1. Rachel - you are amazing. I cannot imagine what you are going through but I am praying for your strength. God has been guiding you right along, I can see it in your words...In case you did not notice, the fact that you are able to share this stuff, in itself shows a ridiculous amount of strength. Love, Barbara Brewer

  2. I love the pictures in this post--and the commentary! :) The cat picture is hilarious and your Maggie baby bump is adorable! And, I can SO relate to being around a grown man getting all excited for a video game! ;)


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