Sunday, October 2, 2011

Goings on in November

Back in June, I posted about some exciting happenings going on in November.  I didn't write anymore because I didn't know the details.

But, I know the details now.  And, I'm freaking out a little bit because when I type this and click "publish," it means that this is actually happening.
And, like I said back in June, this is kind of out of my element.

On November 11-12, one of the local churches is hosting something called a "Sister Care" Seminar.  It is a 2 day conference- the goal is to "validate women's gifts of caring and equip them to respond more effectively and confidently to the needs of others in their lives and in the congregation."  Basically, it's a workshop for women on how we can respond to and help other women in our church congregation.  (If you want more information about these seminars, go to this website.)

Anyways, I am speaking for about 10-15 minutes on Saturday afternoon about my experiences with Maggie.  They would like me to speak about my experience with Maggie and her stillbirth but also how other people (specifically the church community) helped or could have helped more with her death.

To say the least, I am nervous about this.
I'm sure I'll be nervous to speak in front of strangers.
I'm nervous that I'll get all blubbery and won't be able to stop.
And, I'm worried that I won't be able to convey my thoughts and feelings well enough in such a short amount of time.

But, I am honored.
Honored that I get to talk about Maggie and her short, sweet life.
Honored that people think my experiences with Maggie are important enough
to share with others.
And important enough to help others.

Any woman can attend this conference, so if you are interested let me know.  It is $45 for the two days if you register by October 15 ($50 after that). I can get you the information or, at least, whom to contact if you want more information. If you cannot attend, I am going to try and post (somehow) my presentation.


  1. What a great opportunity. Praying for you as you prepare what you want to share.

  2. So cool! I was thinking about going, and this seals it! :) Definitely need to be there to support you, and to enjoy hearing about Maggie.
    I'll pray for you as you prepare. I know we will all be blessed and learn much from Maggie's story.


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