Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1 year

Before I even start--prayers are needed for a friend of a cousin.  Last night, another mama (a friend of my cousin) delivered her stillborn daughter.  She had been on bedrest and the doctor was trying to hold off delivering until she was 35 weeks.  Her 35 week mark would have been Friday.  Just a few days away.

Please keep the family in your prayers as they prepare a memorial service and deal with the loss of their daughter.

One year ago today, the Magic was just beginning.

October 18 was the day Maggie was conceived.

Please.  Don't get uncomfortable.

Or grossed out.

Dave wasn't even there.

He was shopping somewhere in Wichita or something.

I don't even know where he was, actually.

I think that's funny.


It's weird how you can go from such a high
to such a low
in such a short amount of time.

I didn't realize how that Monday
one year ago
could change
Absolutely everything.

And, I wish I could go back a year ago and enjoy those moments again.
The moments of high hopes
and nervousness
and innocence.
I wish I could enjoy those moments of only thinking,
"I hope I'm pregnant.
I hope it works."

Because now, it will be,
"I hope I'm pregnant.
I hope it works
and I hope her heart never stops beating."

Because even with a positive result,
it doesn't mean it's for sure.

One year can change so much.

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