Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nettie and I=BFFs

So, my obsession with Jennifer Nettles has been multiplied by 42,538.
I think I will name our second-born Jennifer.  Or Nettalie.  Or Nettie.  
Nettie Harder has a nice ring to it.
(It's way better than some other options Dave has suggested, like Richard).

Last night Dave and I went to see Sugarland in concert.
Crossing this off of my bucket list.

Swoon.  Love. Obsess. SheisfreakingamazingMrBigglesworth.

She is in-cre-i-ble.  That's Spanish for incredible.

I could have watched her all night.
Holy pipes, Batman.

I'd totally let her be our roommate,
if she needed a place to stay in Kansas.
And Jennifer Nettles and I could be best friends.
And she could sing to me all the time.

She was so good that
I cried during the concert.
Everyone else is dancing around.
Singing along.
Cheering and whistling and screaming.
And Dave is just about to take a picture of us.
And I had to shove his hand down.
And say, "Not now! I'm crying."
She was THAT GOOD.

It was one song.
It got to me.
But it was just what I needed to hear
after how I had been feeling all week.

In fact, the song, "Little Miss" has turned into a project.
A way to share challenges.
And realize that we'll all be alright.
We'll be okay.

And, just because this was my second favorite song from the night.
I think about Maggie every time I hear it.
(I think it will take you to youtube to watch it).

And, a special thanks to my internet-friend-who-isn't-creepy, Heather.
Yesterday, she went on a Remembrance walk for her son
and Maggie's new friend, Isaac.

And, she let a balloon go
in memory of Maggie
and the millions of other babies
and their families.

Thank you, Heather.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying that I'm not a creeper :). LOL. I took a picture. I'll post it soon... hopefully tomorrow. Loves!


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