Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Delivery

Last night a dear friend swung by our place to drop something off.
I was poking my eyes out with hot skewers and rolling down slides of razor blades working on grade cards.
I was completely up for a little diversion.
Something that she and 2 year old daughter made.
She said that hot glue guns and 2 year olds aren't the best combination.
Parker has been potty-trained since she was about 18 days old.
So, I'm pretty sure she's mastered the hot glue gun, too.

Isn't this fantastic?  
So creative and thoughtful.
But, it's just totally...fantastic.
(Like,, yeah.)
And a great (and the only) Halloween decoration in our house.

It's a pumpkin wearing a hat!
It's brilliant.
And it has braids.  
Only a genius with a huge heart could think up something like this.
Forget carving and guts and stuff.
Totally going to glue felt and balls all over my gourds next time.
(Said that for you, A & G).

Thank you for the wonderful gift.
And, since I can't pose the Magster with it, Fergie will have to do.
So great.  
(Dave was disappointed he missed the delivery.  He was busy at the JuCo having students watch him cantor and gallop.)

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