Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is what happens when you put your camera down for .5 seconds.

 Mason, I'm gonna take your pictures.
Giggle, giggle.
 Take a picture of me doing this!
 And this.
 Mama, this is funny!
 Please give Aunt Rae her camera back.
 Please stop taking pictures.
 They couldn't hear us over their squeals of laughter.
The funny thing is, we used to do this with real film.
And then pay to develop them.
Out of 24 pictures, we would have maybe 2 or 3 good ones.
Of course, we kept them all.
We couldn't throw any crappy pictures out.
(And they are all in boxes in my basement).

Thank goodness they can take dozens of dumb pictures.
And it won't cost us any money.

(And, by the way,
my niece asked me if I could get her a camera for her birthday.
"You know, Aunt Rae.  One of those ones where you take a picture and the picture comes out the front."
She wants a freaking Polaroid camera.)
Digital cameras are so 2005.

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