Monday, July 4, 2011

Cutie House Guests

Wonderful friends (and their wonderful children) from college visited us last week.

They drove 14 hours to spend a few days with us.

Finally--some freedom from the car!

They helped me water my plants with their spray bottles.

Can't beat grass, a sprinkler, spray bottles, and some super cute kiddos.

We also spent some time at the Salt City Spray Park while Dave was at work.

Sorry 'bout the finger.

About to go down the slide and wondering why a 10-year-old kid is still wearing a full-on life jacket.

It is days like these that I wish my girlfriends from college lived closer.

Or I lived closer.

Or something.

(And, obviously, the kids are way cuter than the adults.)

So thankful that they visited.

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