Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

I've totally been MIA.

All of the relatives have left and it is quiet on the homefront.

Almost too quiet.

I have slowly been getting myself back in work/school mode.

Here's what's been going down.


I miss my camera.

My phone camera is not doin' it for me.


My husband is a huge Vikings fan.

He was so excited to show me what he made.

A metal helmet that I swiped from the school's attic when we were cleaning it out.

And some horns that he sawed off some poor animal.

He is a genius.

And I think he should grow his hair out so that he could look like a real viking.

Or not.  

But I'm thinking...potential etsy shop?

We could make a killing.
(So we could pay for some more bills that we just got--read on.)

Ahh----ooooooo (in true Viking form).

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary this weekend.

Pure bliss, I tell you.
Actually, pretty close. Except for when he does something that rhymes with "smutch smoven."

We headed to Kansas City for a day or two since he had the weekend off and I am going back to work for realsies tomorrow (not officially, but so that I can get some work done and meet some friends for lunch).

We did some retail therapy.

**I'd like to give a shout-out to Ann Taylor Loft Outlet.**

Granite City for dinner.

Some hotel for the night.

Then to Oceans of Fun.

Hello, water-park bliss in the middle of summer.

Hello, cool, splashy-spash slides.

Hello, over-priced pool full of pee water.

Almost lost my drawers and my contacts on this one.

This is empty compared to when we were there. 
Not surprisingly, the park was packed with a lot of people who were showing way too much skin (and other things).

And, unfortunately, the water got a lot warmer as more people came (side-eying the children who never left the pool for hours).  Dave told me just not to think about it. 
That coming from a guy who sticks his hands in cows' rears on a daily basis.)

Then we ate at Chick-Fil-A.  
We like to live it up.

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