Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye dineros.

And, just cause they thought things were going to well and we were, maybe, just starting to figure out life again...they decided to send another bill.

From when Maggie was alive. In February.

The bill was for a lot of money.  Lots.


I just kissed away my riding lawnmower and my dream camera lens.
And, I'm pretty sure I won't be visiting my best friend, Ann Taylor, anymore.

I no tengo the dineros for this.

Or, at least, I don't want to use my dineros for this.

These are the things that I could do with the money instead:
  • Go on a 28-day cruise to South America, through the Amazon.
  • Pay for an entire funeral.
  • Get Lasik eye surgery for both Dave and me.
  • Buy this car.
  • Buy 40 some bottles of 2002 Dom Perignon champagne.
  • Buy at least 3 Coke fountains for my home.
  • Buy a dozen heifers from Heifer International.
Any of these sound like better options.

And I can't even imagine what it would be like to deal with constant medical bills.  We have experienced  just a sampling- a little taste- of dealing with medical bills and insurance companies.  This is nothing compared to what other people deal with on a daily basis.

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