Friday, July 22, 2011

The Day of Rae (Guest Blogger!)

You've already met my sister.
Remember her from this post?

She's the best sister anyone could ask for.
(Even though she traumatized me as a child while riding my bike.)

She wanted to be a guest blogger on here.
And since she could probably still pin me down and threaten to spit on my face, 
I obliged.
And, because I love her.
And she's great.

I am honored for you to meet my dear sister.
I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do.

The Day of Rae

I love to plan fun days.  And planning fun days with my little sis is even more fun.  But what on earth do you do for your sister to honor the day when she was supposed to give birth?  And furthermore, I didn’t even know if she wanted to do anything on July 11.  (But either way, I was going to drive to her house and kidnap her if she ignored me.)

Here were some of my options:
1.     Sit around and do nothing.  Boring.
2.     Go shopping.  So she could be reminded that she gave birth in March and clothes feel nasty.  Blah.
3.     Go to a movie.  To sit next to each other and say nothing?  Boo.
4.     Take her to get her toes done.  B I N G O

So off we went on our Day of Rae.  To kill time before our pedicures, we browsed around a super funky store and tried on hats.  My head is the size of a planet, but Rae got the good head in the family.  Isn’t she super cute?

Then we headed over to get our toes done.  She had a lot of decisions to make.

In honor of Mags, she chose Barbie pink.  Or bubble gum pink, whichever sounds better.  I chose purple for myself.

I tried to get her to get a spray tan while we were there.  Or a Brazilian wax.  But Rae declined. I totally would have paid for it.

And while I have this blog to myself for a second, I must say that my sister is my hero.   I know she doesn’t want to be my hero, but she is. 

We all have crosses to bear, but my sister has carried hers with integrity and dignity.
And humor.
How many people can say that about their losses?

She has been poked and prodded and pricked. 
She has experienced extreme heartache and loss.
Yet through it all, she doesn’t give up.
Even if sometimes she may want to.

I wish I could make everything better for my little sister.
I wish July 11 could have been different for her.

But I’m so lucky that I spent it with her.  And her pink Maggie toes.

Here we are as kids.  I just want to squeeze her cheekers.

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