Sunday, July 10, 2011


I just finished reading this

There's even a website: 
I downloaded it to my Kindle and read it to Dave on the way to Minnesota.

The author started a blog to keep track of all the awesome things that most people find awesome, but maybe don't recognize. Eventually, the blog turned into several books.

Some of his awesome things are:

  • The other side of the pillow.
  • Seeing a cop on the side of the road and realizing you're going the speed limit anyway.
  • Eating the extra fries at the bottom of the bag.
  • Nailing a parallel park on the first try.
  • The first shower you take after not showering for a really long time.
I'm now going to try to keep a running tab (or something) of awesome things.  Maybe it will help me to notice good things.  And, honestly, that wouldn't be a bad thing (I could probably come up with lots more to go in "The Book of Annoying.").

So, I've added some tabs up top that are a running list of awesome and annoying things.  

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