Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

You can laugh and shake your head in complete surprise that I spent my Saturday working cattle (by "working cattle" I mean hanging on the fence, drinking  a Coke, and taking pictures). But you know what I mean.
I know, I never thought I would be doing this either.   
I used to clean our pool on Saturdays.
I actually looked forward to this day.  Those poor little bull calves didn't look forward to this day. They hurt.

I think those kids were taking notes on what to say at school on Monday . How many things could they say in class that would 1) make their teacher uncomfortable or 2) their classmates giggle in delight?
"These poor little bull calves were laying in the field, all tired because..."
 "That one huge bull kept trying to piggy-back on some of the other cows..."
"We used these little rubber bands..."
"He had these longs gloves that went up to his shoulders..."
Thanking God I normally don't have to hear these comments in class.  **Knocking on wood.**

See that stud below? Do you think I'm talking about my husband or the bull? You'll never know.

Maggie's grave is just across the field so we rode horses out to visit her and brought her new daisies.

First time on a horse since 2000 in Costa Rica. What did I learn?
Don't wear ankle socks while riding a horse, mmmmkay?

Trying to start a new trend--ankle socks, bad posture, and riding horse.  H.O.T.

More to come about the weekend and when I started crying at some farm. L.O.V.E. crying at random stranger's farm. 

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