Monday, April 4, 2011

Lurking on Other Blogs

I found this on a blog I was reading tonight.

Go to for some amazing posts.  This is way cheaper than therapy.

She says exactly what I am thinking.  If you wonder how I could ever miss someone who I never "met," someone who was never "born," maybe this will help.  I had a place for Maggie in my life even before she had a heartbeat.

the grief and mourning i am feeling is so deep.
i am shocked by my inability to hold it together.
i am surprised by how truly difficult this is.
i want nothing more than to stay in bed all day....
the ugly cry has made several appearances.
accompanied by silent tears throughout the day.
and night.
because the truth is that once you see that second pink line…
you set a place at the table for your baby.
vacations and trips are planned and unplanned.
bedroom assignments are discussed.
visions of laughing, playing and fighting.
no matter how small and how new, that baby has a place deeply entrenched in your family.
and i miss my baby.

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