Saturday, April 2, 2011

Memorial Service

We buried Maggie in a grove of cottonwood trees at the ranch that Dave's brother owns.  I debated about whether or not I wanted her in a real cemetery.  But, now that she is there, I am happy.  She is close to our house (10 minutes) and is at a place that she would have spent a lot of time if she had lived longer.

It was a simple service but beautiful and perfect.

The beautiful box Dave made out of pine.

Aunt Annie and cousin Rachel writing notes to Maggie.

The lid of her box with notes from everyone from the service.
The grove of cottonwood trees where she is buried.

Saying goodbye to our daughter.
The inside of her box-  a blanket, a teddy bear to keep her company, and the book "Guess How Much I Love You."
Nailing her casket shut.
Her casket and some daisies.
Covering up her casket.
Greg, Grandpa, and cousin Rachel adding the granite.

Adding a cross to her grave. Thank you to Greg for being so thoughtful and getting the granite and cross.

Dave adding daisies to her grave.
Her grave-

Maggie will be able to keep track of our cattle from here.


  1. beautiful, Rae! it makes me so sad. and yet everything about it is so special and thoughtful, just like little Maggie. thinking of you guys. much love to both of you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. What a lovely way to honor your daughter.


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