Thursday, February 9, 2012

More random.

Holy cow, you guys.
I feel like my to-do list is getting longer
and I'm doing nothing to make it shorter.
All I'm doing is working
and washing grout off our backsplash
and going to the Wal-Marts.

Very quickly, here are a few things that I felt I needed to mention...

  • I owe a lot of thank yous to a lot of people for meals and food cards and flowers and texts and emails and packages in the mail.  I have received them, gluttonized myself in them, and read them over and over.  I will talk about them more specifically this weekend (when I am home during daylight hours) but I wanted to make sure you knew that I am not ungrateful!
  • Also, along those same lines, if you gave me something deliciously amazing to eat, I have your pans and dishes and crockpots.  I just need to find them in the mess of our kitchen.  They will be returned next week. Pinky swear.  Except the crockpot, JH. I am going to keep that for awhile.  Just for kicks. For old times' sake.
  • Those of you who have emailed me with comments or stories-especially those whom I have never met- thank you.  I also plan on replying back to you this weekend.  Again, when I am home during daylight.  I am honored that you contacted me and humbled that you have shared your stories with me.
  • Have I mentioned that this whole journey is dumb? Seriously.  I had a great day, felt good, and then...I get home and heard a song or read something or did something (who knows what--maybe breathed for all I know) and I got all sad again.  Not for a long time.  D cheered me up.  But, that just made me mad.  Leave for alone for That's it. That's all I want.
  • And, although I don't want this to be a blog about religious or political views, I had to repost this.  Many women I know, personally and through the internet, have tried or used IVF as a method to try to begin their family.  Read this if you are interested on Newt Gingrich's stance on IVF.  All I'm saying is Newt may not be the guy that we want to take our moral advice from.  Secondly, many articles compare IVF to abortion because the do not always survive.  I'm sorry, but there is not a similarity.  At all.  Many writers have referred to IVF and fertility clinics to places of "anti-life."  Tell that to the people who are going there in hopes of starting a family.  No one does IVF in hopes that they embryos will die.  They want them to live.  Seriously.
Comment made by my husband during grouting and washing tiles tonight--the song "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida was playing in the background.  (Don't ask- not our usual choice of music, although Dave, for some reason, is obsessed with Pit Bull.  )

D:  Pretty sure Flo Rida has a good feeling because his kid didn't just die.  I'd like to have a good feeling sometime.  Right now our fetal fatality rate is at 100%.  That's really high.  I hope it gets lower sometime soon.

I love my husband.
For many reasons, but only he could relate a Flo Rida song to our miscarriage.
I'm lucky to have him around.

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  1. I hadn't kept up so I'm sad in reading your news. If you ever want to talk or add another person to your support system let me know. 16 years of infertility that ended through adoption for us. It was a long battle as well, so much of what you write I can relate to.....yet I never was able to conceive so my journey (as each persons) is different yet your feelings bring back a journey of pain I walked and have not forgotten but smothered over with time and direction. Prayers of peace and healing to you.


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