Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Dave brought home a surprise for me.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to keep it.
A one day old Persian kitten.
Born premature. batman.
The owner was going to name it Gracie.
We got to bottle feed and tube feed it over the weekend.

How does a cute little guy like that end up as fatty as Fergie?

Gracie the kitten even got to go to the Pretty Prairie Bullmania Rodeo with us.
She was in a cooler with hot water bottles to keep her warm.
We fed her at half time.  Or intermission.  What do you call that time in a rodeo?

The rodeo was completely entertaining.
Especially the mutton bustin'.

I laughed hysterically the entire time.
Those poor little kids hang on for dear life and those sheep go flying.
Who knew sheep could run that freaking fast?

Another special part of the rodeo?
There were lots of "unique" types of people there.
(My mother has always said, "It takes all kinds.")
I saw lots of mullets and rat tails.
Sorry, folks. I tried to get pictures but I was not quite sneaky enough.
I was, however, intrigued by this outfit choice.
That's quite a clever use of a hairband.  
Pretty 100% sure my mother would not have let me walk out of the door with this wardrobe on.
Stay classy, Kansas.

In other news?
  • It's still hot as Hades here. Recess duty can kiss my rear.  
  • A lady named "Ms. N. Garcia" commented on my blog yesterday.  I am hoping that it's Nina Garcia from Project Runway. I do love me some Heidi Klum and ridiculous clothings. Maybe Nina will read this and see the above picture and think that using hair ties to try to hide your undergarments is a really clever and attractive thing to do.  If it's you, Nina, text me!  We'll go get coffee.  And, if you aren't Nina Garcia, I'll still get coffee with you (but you can't be creepy or weird).
  • And, if it's not too much to ask, can you add a cousin of mine to your prayer list?  She just had a little boy about 2 weeks ago (he was due about a month after Magster).  She had a sudden stroke and has been hospitalized, leaving her husband caring for their 3 sons.  You can visit her Caring Bridge site here.  I cannot imagine the fear and helplessness that the entire family feels. Thanks, friends.
Squeezes and hugs until next time when I introduce you to some new friends and some cures for the heat (just a fancy way of saying that I have some pictures from summer that I haven't posted yet).

Oh, and happy 100th post my friends!

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