Sunday, August 28, 2011

100 more to come.

At some point I am going to start posting more than once a week again.  Stupid job gets in the way of so many things!  Like weekends and freetime and sleeping in. Seriously.  (Today is the first day in several weeks that I haven't been at school).

I had a plan for what I was going to post today.  Things such as adorable little one day old kitties and cute kids riding sheep.  And the shocking things you may see at a Kansas Bullmania Rodeo.  Unfortunately, the computer I'm on doesn't have a place for me to put my camera card.  And I'm too lazy to go find a cord.

So, all that cuteness and trashiness is going to have to wait until tomorrow.
The anticipation will help your Monday go quickly, right?

My next post, folks, will be my 100th post!
Can you believe it?
100 posts about my dear Maggie and our 6 months together.
100 posts about my stupid organs.
And other ramblings that, for some reason, I feel the need to share.
And you, my dear friends, read diligently.

My prayer for the next 100 posts? That I will be able to share (in no order of importance):
  • There is a riding mower parked somewhere on our property.  And I use it while sipping on beverages.  And, we'll actually have a green lawn to use it on.
  • Our kitty will have lost some weight.  She is Fergie McFatterson right now. 
  • I hear another sweet heartbeat.
  • And that magical heartbeat hasn't stopped beating.
  • And that it will keep going, even after 24 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • And I will be able to keep out all of the sweet baby stuff that we bought. Instead of hiding it away.
  • And the reasons that my pants don't fit has nothing to do with me not being motivated to get my rear to the gym. (Getting kind of sick of doing squats every morning so that my pants stretch.  Ladies, you know what I'm talking about, right?  If you don't, I kind of hate you. :) ).
  • I have a Coke fountain in my house because
  • Coke has been found to be really good for you.  Therefore, I no longer have to limit how much I drink it.
  • It is now socially acceptable to wear sweatpants and T-shirts to work everyday.  Or, at least, that my school now requires its teachers to wear scrubs to work.
  • I continue to heal and feel patience and peace.  With or without any Harder Magic.
  • And, for Dave and his brother--that the Vikings do better than they did last year.  They still haven't gotten over their season from 2 years ago when the Vikes were oh-so-close.
  • Finally- that the other women whom I know who have lost a sweet child or are slowly giving up on a dream of ever having a child, that they will feel peace and true happiness- with or without their own Magic.  No names mentioned but you know who you are and I think and pray for you all daily.

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  1. Prayers alongside you that many of those things come true. Especially the heartbeat and healthy pregnancy. And for peace. And for the riding lawnmower and coke fountain. Although wearing scrubs every day sounds pretty great too.


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