Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm back

I'm praying the craziness of the beginning of the school year is done.

And by crazy I mean cra-zy. Insane.
Insane in the membrane.

Our class sizes were huge (huge for po-dunk town Kansas) so after the first few days of school they hired an angel to decrease our class sizes.

I spent the weekend organizing my life and trying to help the wonderful new teacher as much as possible without being that lady is who is just really annoying and not really helpful at all.

So, now that that craziness is over, I am hoping that life calms down a bit.

But, because of all of that I have not blogged at all.
And, therefore, I have a ton of crap to write about.
And, believe me, it is balls-to-the-walls
I'm not pregnant.
So, it's not that exciting but you take what you can get 'round these parts.


First of all, I had a follow up with the doctor to get some things taken care of.
Good news.  Things look good and the surgery seemed to have fixed the crazinessinmyuterus that he was trying to fix.
Never did I think I would celebrate about this.

In case I haven't mentioned in before, my sister is great.
If you have forgotten, I've mentioned it here and here and here.
The flowers she sent at work:

A past coworker from Mini-Soda went ahead and sent me the most hilarious package ever.
Because she is possibly one of the funniest people I have ever met.
Every story she told made piddle in my briefs just-a-bit.
Dave was wondering WTH as I was showing him what was the box she sent me.
He did not think it was as awesome as I did.
He was confusing.
(Carrie, I hope you are laughing at that up there.
So, I had this student who instead of saying "I am confused" she said, "I am confusing."
It was funnier when you were there. Swearsies.)

Each item in the box had special meaning.
And, I could take the time to explain each one.
But it would probably sound dumb to everyone else.
And then you would realize how easily amused I am.

Just know that I like my sodas cold and I love Bennigan's and the Turkey Toms.
Kansas does not believe in heavenly-goodness-in-a-pretzel-bun for some reason.
And Maggie will have a wind-chime to keep her company.
This friend gave me a wind chime when I moved from Mini-soda to Kans-ass.
It is hanging on our front porch
And whenever I hear it blow (which is 354 days a year), I think of her.
So, I think her a lot.  But not in a Creeper McCreeperson sort of way.

She and I swore we were going to exercise everyday after school.
And we did it once.

I'm guessing we left and got Turkey Toms and pomegranate martinis.

Then my friend (the small version of me) from college sent me a package.
I thought if was going to be a box filled with nuts, seeds, sprouts, and a fat mattress.
She is such a little squirrel.
Instead, I got this beautiful figurine.

Isn't it amazing?
It is called "Family Love" and I love it and its simplicity.
She also sent along some stones with the words "Peace" "Hope" and "Strength" engraved in them.
I think she knows I am a huge fan of hers.
And I love her dearly.
Spanks, Rach.

And, if you wondered where my sister got her thoughtfulness? 
It was from my mom.
This was her gift for me tonight after work.
Amazingly delicious dinner.
Homemade garlic bread!
Homemade marinara and pesto!
And homemade peach cobler (with a splash of Grand Marnier in it).

I picked dinner up after school.
It was so good.

This is why I moved to Kansas, folks.
There are now 3 riding mowers for sale on the way from home to work.
I think it's a sign.
It's divine intervention.
And I think this is hilarious.
And a bit creepy, too.

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    It's Kelli Patterson, from Roadrunner days. I found your blog through Melissa (Laxton). I hope you don't mind me reading your blog-you are such a talented writer. I love your wit and humor....I'm hooked!

    I'm sorry to hear about all you've been going through. Just wanted you to know you've been in my thoughts and prayers.

    Kelli xx


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