Friday, March 23, 2012


1.  Recently Reread
Because I'm going to the movie tonight!
And it had been 2 years since I had read it!
And I am so excited!

2. Recently watched
(Thanks, S.W.)
The husband's facial expressions are hilarious.

3.  Recently Rented
Best $50 spent.
I took pictures of the water, but I'm too embarrassed to show you.
Cause it was nasty.
I'd like to think that we're clean people.
We (I) vacuum regularly.
We take our shoes off when we come in the house.
But dudes.
The water was black.
It was completely satisfying.
Now I don't want to walk at the carpet at all.
I want to keep those pretty little lines.

4.  Failed to Mention
My hCG levels were back down to where they should be.
So, I'm back on meds.
Weird that I'm happy about my hCG levels going down
when, for the past 4 years, I've been wanting them to be up.

5.  That's Right
I said 4 years.
May marks the 4 year mark of talking about a family.
I realize that's short for some couples out there.
But, it feels like a crapload of a long time.
Especially when people have had 3 kids since then.

6.  Recently Read
This post.
About this woman.
14 miscarriages.
1 stillbirth.
1 infant death.
And finally.
One healthy baby.
Bless her.
I wonder how much counseling she has been to.

7.  Recently therapized.

And I am learning that my biggest issue
(besides stillbirth and miscarriage and infertility)
is that my expectations for life
aren't happening the way I planned.
And I'm a planner.
And my to-do list is not getting checked off.
At first, I was stuck at "get pregnant."
Now, I'm stuck at "get into 3rd trimester"
or "have living child."
(I crossed "conceive child naturally"
off my list years ago.)

8.  Recently Received
A check in the mail.
Enough to buy a shirt or two.
Or to pay for 3/4 of a follicle monitoring ultrasound.
And it was from the hospital.
From when Mags was born.
So, a year later
we get some moolah.
Maybe they timed that.
Happy one year?
Nice try, hospital.
It still sucks.
Money or not.

9.  Recently graded
Too. Many. Papers.
Like almost 600 papers too many.
Do parents even look at this stuff anyways?

10.  Reminded While Grading
I looked at this
and was reminded of this scene from Billy Madison.

Happy weekend.
Happy last few days of Spring Break.


  1. I'd never seen that MPH video... so funny. And yes, 4 years is a long time (in my mind anyways- it's been 2.5ish years for us and it feels LONG) to wait for something your heart aches for so deeply. Hugs!
    PS: Enjoy the Hunger Games- we're going on Sunday, and I am beyond excited!!

  2. I am coming on three years of TTC and one 2nd tri-loss. You are right, some people have had two kids in that amount of time and could be on their third.

    I will be skipping opening weekend for The Hunger Games, thus trying to avoid the preteens, but it is on like donkey kong next week!

  3. How was Hunger Games? I liked the books, but am curious to know how they do the movie. Is is super gruesome?

    And YAY for low HCG!!!! Praying, praying, praying!

  4. Haha! So glad you enjoyed MPH--I LOVED the husband's facial expressions too! Hope the Hunger Games was good! :)


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