Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ways to improve your summer.

Remember when I promised you I'd show you some ways to save yourselves from the heat?  Well, I finally am getting around to posting them.

First, of all, I'm sorry that many of you don't have the blessing of knowing Vilma and J.D.  

I have known they since I lived in Lithuania.  
If you haven't been there, go.
It is amazingly beautiful.
With even more beautiful people.
And really strong people, too.
Zydrunas Savickas could totally kick our uz pakelis. Right, V? 5 time winner of the Strong Man Competition.
Anyways, Vilma and JD visited Kansas with their sons for 2 months.  It was fantastic.

Before they left, my parents had all of us over for dinner.
I have mentioned before that my parents are so good at making good food.
And, my dad is especially good at making Chinese food.
I also have mentioned how sweaty hot it was here, right?

Well, my parents managed to wrap heaven up into one perfect meal .

First, there was the great company.

Isn't she beautiful? I know, sickening I tell you.

Then there was the food.
Dumplings and spring rolls were devoured. No pictures were taken. We were too busy stuffing our faces.

My mom and I are trying to convince my dad to start his own cooking blog.  With therapy in between.  Wouldn't that be great? A dude blog about food and not being crazy?  Yes, please.
Then, right when the night couldn't get any better, my mom and dad whipped this little babies up.

Mango Margaritas.
Hi. There.
I love regular margaritas.  But, these were even better.
They were amazing.
Made with real chunkies of mango.


And then?

Dave thought he was being Mr. Funny by being Mr. Creeper McCreeperson.  And, of course, JD thought that was a brilliant idea. And I machine-gun-laughed because that's what I do.

Please tell me you think this is as funny as I think it is.  
Maggie is just rolling her eyes right now and saying, "Mom!  That's so stupid!" Right?

And, to just give you the wrong impression of the evening...

Don't worry.  This is actually a flower vase.
My parents were good hosts and offered J.D. more to drink.
He refused.  :)

And, if you want that recipe, I don't have it.
It would be dangerous if I did.
(My parents have it though).

Aciu, Vilmute and JD for a wonderful evening. And summer.  And friendship.
(And, once again, for the wonderful pictures. Vilma is the best photographer I know.)

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  1. Now, that feels very generous. I wish we were so beautiful and great. But it does remind me of a beautiful and great summer we had with great people and grand-portioned meals. :) Hope we can come back next year. Listening to your beautiful music as I write this and feeling very lucky to have spent some time with you this summer! Buckis! (I am so proud of you - uzpakalis is a wonderful word to remember!;)


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