Saturday, July 14, 2012

15 weeks (a tad late)

How Far Along: 15 weeks and 3 days.  

Size of Babies: About 4 inches long and weigh about 2.5 oz each (the weight of a small hamster).

Source here.  This is like Herbie and Puckett. Just not so hairy. Or germy.  Or  unintelligent.

Weight Gain: Only up about 4-5 pounds (depending on when I weigh myself).  According to my doctor, my goal in the next few weeks is to eat more food with protein and calcium.  Which I heard as: eat more steak dinners and have more ice cream.  Done and done. 

Belly: I don't notice a huge change from last week. It just feels different than it has.   Not painful, but just tight.  Like it is full of baby goodness.  Which is priceless.

Sleep: I need to get on a regular schedule soon- the summer sleeping schedule always messes with me when I try to return to my work schedule.  I am still tired, but not nearly as tired as I was previously. And, I only get up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom.

Movement: Almost every night at 10:30-11:30 I feel something.  Nothing huge yet, but I know what to feel for.  There's definitely movement. And it is is fantastic.

Food Cravings: Ice cream, cheese, raspberries. There isn't anything I have to have, but I think I am moving into the "I will eat anything in sight" phase.

Clothes: Mostly workout shorts (which fit if I wear them down low) and t-shirts.  Otherwise, I am wearing all maternity shirts and bottoms now. 

Appointments: I had one this past Wednesday (Mag's due date). The breakdown:

  • Waited freaking forever.
  • I peed in a cup, as per usual.
  • I got to see nurse Andi for the first time since that day.  
  • Did a mini/portable sonogram.
  • I didn't see much for several reasons.  1) I didn't want to look at first. 2) I was laying down 3.) The screen was seriously the size of a phone's screen.
  • What I did see was adorable and wonderful: two fluttering hearts and two little things that looked like actual babies. Score!
  • I have an appointment with Dr. Eck in August, the week before school starts.
  • The next day I have an appointment with a perinatologist to do the 20 week anatomy scan.  I am a bit nervous about that, but glad that we are meeting with someone who can help us out if there are issues that need to be dealt with.
Emotions: Surprisingly okay.  

I had a bit of a lazy day on Wednesday after the appointment, as I was struggling with the dichotomy of having my ultrasound and being ecstatic about the results of that while, on the other hand, knowing that it was Maggie's due date.

As much as I am excited and thrilled about this pregnancy, I am ready for it to be over, if you know what I mean. Now now, but I am ready for December to be here.  I am tired of worrying and thinking about the "what ifs" all the time.  I am tired of being paranoid. I am tired of thinking about if everything I am eating and drinking and doing is somehow affecting Herbie and Puckett in a negative way. I have been trying to keep myself busy with school stuff, but as I approach the time when they are the same gestational age as Mags was when she died, I am getting more and more nervous.  And I wish I could just relax and enjoy this more than I am.

And, then, I know I shouldn't complain.  Because this is such a good thing.

And, the video below has nothing to do with anything.
I just watched it.
And I thought it was hilarious. 

And every time I have watched it,
I end up sitting here with a huge goofy smile on my face.
Because the guy seems so nice 
(and his laugh is hilarious)
and I think because it's so nice to hear people laugh.


  1. i'm glad everything is going well. and i'm glad you are enjoying it as much as you can!

  2. Love the video - smiled the whole time. Needed that.

  3. I just can't believe how close in our due dates we are. I am 15 weeks 1 day today! Your belly is adorable and I am so happy you are already feeling your babes. Oh how I miss my twinnies. Keep the updates coming!

  4. Congratulations on your twin pregnancy! I just read your story and without a doubt, your babies are truly very special gifts from above. I had twins myself (preemies, one passed away when they were 20 days old). I clearly remember the excitement, shock, and nervousness I felt the day I found out. I wish you & your family the best!


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