Friday, July 6, 2012

50 of Life's Little Pleasures

If you've never read anything from Thought Catalog, you should.
I do not read all of the articles (such as "Why Ted is Worth Seeing" because I have no desire to see that movie.  At all.).
But, some are hilarious.
Or thought provoking.
Or a good waste of time.
Like "13 Inventions the World Needs Desperately"
(Can I get an amen for #2, 3, and 10?).

I read one today called "50 of Life's Little Pleasures."

Here are mine, in no particular order.

1. Heartbeat on a Doppler.

2.  Rabbit turd ice.

3. Hot burn-your-mouth-lava french fries.

4. Clean sheets.

5. Free or 69 cent songs on iTunes that you actually want.

6.  This video.

7.  Sunday afternoon naps.

8.  Finding a good book you can't put down.

9.  School supply aisles.

10.  Fresh corn on the cob.

11.  When kids say things wrong ("chocolate pupcakes" or "Jippy John's").

12.  Used book stores.

13.  A grocery cart that isn't messed up.

14.  Educator's discount.

15.  Taking a pile of your old crap to Goodwill.

16.  Bread bowls.

17.  Cheese.

18.  Free pens at a store.

19.  Finishing your to-do list.

20.  Corn dogs.

21.  Sweat pants. Comfy pants.  Sunday pants.  Elastic pants. Whatever.  Heaven.

22.  Ultrasound pictures.

23.  Seeing pictures of celebrities look like trash.

24. Good fortunes in your cookie.  Not just stupid statements.

25.  Pandora.

26.  Vacuum lines in the carpet.

27.  Freshly bathed babies.

28.  Big trees.

29.  Brunch.

30.  Politeness.

31.  Using up all the ink in a pen.

32.  Homemade tortillas.

33.  Knowing the answers on Jeopardy.

34.  Seeing parents being nice to their kids in a store.

35.  Frosty mugs.  With any beverage in them.

36.  Bloopers at the end of movies.

37.  Free bread or chips at a restaurant.

38.  Antiques Road Show.

39.  Sale racks.

40.   Good ambiance.

41.  Getting your hair washed and dried at the salon.

42. Accordions in music.  Don't ask.  I just love it.  Like this one.

43.  Food samples in a grocery store.

44.  The smell (and taste) of coffee.

45.  Mixed CDs.

46.  Good news about someone who deserves it.

47.  A marathon of a show you love.

48.  Folded chips.

49.   Reading outside.

50.   Perfect ratio of ice cream to pie/cake/cookie/crumble/crisp.


  1. #3 reminded me of one of my faves: Buffet crab rangoon right out of the fryer, aptly dubbed "flaming balls of fat."

  2. I agree with you on folded chips. I pick them out of the bag! :)


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