Tuesday, July 3, 2012

14 weeks.

How Far Along: 14 weeks tomorrow

Size of Babies: About 3-3.4 inches long and weigh about 1.5 oz each (the weight of 2 average chicken nuggets).

Weight Gain: Only up about 2-3 pounds.  Dr. Eck seemed pleased with this- as long as I wasn't losing.  I am going to try to beat my sister's record of weight gain.  Or not.

Belly: Definitely bigger than what I was with Mags at this point.  For obvious reasons. 
Taken at 13 weeks 3 days
Sleep: I love it.  I get about 11 hours a night and I'm still tired in the afternoon.  I know, I am enjoying it while I can...because I will never sleep again.  :)  

Movement: Every once in awhile I feel flutters when I am laying down.  However, I won't feel anything for certain for awhile. 

Food Cravings: Ice cream, cheese, nectarines. Meat is not that cool. Except I really want a #9 from Jimmy John's and I cannot have it.  

Clothes: My sister and I went out and bought some clothes and I have borrowed some from friends.  I didn't buy tons, as I am hoping that I won't fit into them for the entire pregnancy and I will probably have to get some different stuff for work, too.  Although being with my sister was fun, shopping was not. I felt like I was jinxing everything.  And, now I will be on all those stupid mailing lists again.

Appointments: Next Wednesday, July 11 (Maggie's due date).

Emotions: There's lots going on in my head right now.  Pure elation and excitement, nervousness, paranoia, joy, impatience, feeling overwhelmed, and thankfulness.  I've only teared up once.  When my buttered waffle fell on the floor.  Really.  Pull yourself together.


  1. So glad everything continues to be going great! That's awesome your ob will let you come in whenever you want for a check - I'd totally take advantage of it!

  2. Very glad to hear you are doing well. I've been thinking about you!
    P.S. Totally jealous about your (lack of) weight gain. I think I was at about 20 lbs and gaining steadily at 14 weeks! :)Take care and thanks for the update!

  3. so exciting. cute belly pic! glad you all are doing well.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Rachel, we are so excited with you! We are praying for healthy babies to come in December and for PEACE for you and Dave. Love the baby bump. Keep those pictures coming! :)

  5. Look at that cute baby bump! :) So excited to see an update--I've been thinking about you. So glad things are continuing to look good! :)

  6. Happy and excited for you. I know, it's hard. It's really hard. There are so many things to worry about and so many things to be excited for and so many mixed emotions. I am afraid that I'm going to jinx everything too. And as my due date approaches and the weeks go by, I'm not going to lie, it's not getting much better. I pray that you find strength, courage and peace. There are so many of us out there praying for you, Dave and the babies and cheering you on! Savor the moments of joy you find in this pregnancy. Hopefully you will have wiggly little babies like mine....it's always comforting feeling them wiggle around! Keep with the updates friend! Maybe one day our friends will play together on our trips to KS!


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