Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ten Things

1. Last thing pinned on Pinterest
Pretty sure no boys use this bathroom.

So, D and I are working on doing the backsplash in our kitchen.  We put new cabinets in a year and a half ago and just now are we getting around to the backsplash.  But, you know how you go into those home improvement stores and you suddenly have a whole crapload of stuff you want to fix and redo in your house? You go in to return some tiles and you end up looking at:
  • Dryers that don't sound like a jetplane taking off in your laundry room.
  • Wood floors that you want to put in to replace all the floors in your entire house.
  • Stamped concrete ideas for the back deck.
  • Vanities for a new bathroom.
And you only buy a tile and some 2x4s and some screws.
And then you leave.
Feeling completely depressed because you realize how much work all that would be. 
Oh, and you also realize that you are not rich and money does not grow on trees.
And then on the way home D said, "I need to start playing the lottery."
Get on that.
(Oh, also, we walked past the riding mowers. I was ogling them.  D reminded me that we won't need to buy one this year since we have no grass.  Super. Dirt is the way cheaper option.

2. Last time I procrastinated

Right now.  
Doing this so that I don't have to grade multiplication tests.  Ugh.
I loathe grading.
Especially when I know that I could be searching on pinterest for my dream bathroom and backsplash and wood floor and patio and lawn.

3.  Package in the mail

A beautiful scarf knitted by a beautiful friend.
She said that as she knitted this, she prayed for me.
Isn't it awesome?
Kind of hoping that Kansas gets its rear in gear and gets some snow.
This is getting ridiculous.
Love it.
Thank you, SN.
For the scarf and for the prayers.
And I'm hoping that we'll be in MN sometime when you guys haven't left.

4.  Newest jewelry
Back in May, I told you about our tech-guy-with-social-skills-and-his-wife.
Since then, I have met her and chatted with her several times.
She is lovely
and obviously has a loving, wonderful heart.
Well, the other day she stopped by at work.
She dropped off this bracelet.

It's not brand new and it has been used by several other women before, which I love.
It has a history and a story.
She decided to pass it on to me, as she has used it, as have some other women before her.
On it is the verse Matthew 7:7
"Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened to you."

Thank you, SAU.
This is my prayer.
This is the prayer of a lot of women I know.

5.  Fergie's Latest Photo Shoot

With Puppy, whom she likes to scruff by the neck, drag around the house, and then bathe.

Just in case you were wondering, she has not slimmed down.
She is a conniving little tricky jerk-face.
She tries to get fed double the food, but trying to convince us with her cute and pitiful whines that she hasn't been fed yet.  When, in fact, she has already stuffed her face into her bowl of MeowMix goodness and inhaled the entire bowl full.

6.  Last youtube video I watched
How 'bout we fill a poptart with nasty meat?
Sorry to those you who enjoy caliente pockets.

7. Word of the year, maybe?

So, there's been talk on the interwebs about people having a word of the year, instead of resolutions or whatever.
I'm over resolutions.
This word thing could work for me.
But, the words I would first choose don't seem too deep or philosophical.
Like, I'd love to pick "Coke" or "Chips" or "Sweatpants" and just make it a goal continue to include one of those in my life as a daily basis.
I'm pretty sure I'd be happier.
Until I had to wear real pants.
(And then I'd cry.)
My sister gave me this cute little guy for Christmas.
Kind of perfect, right?
So, maybe it was a sign.
That hope should be my word of the year.
That the things I most hope for
an addition to our family and
a happy ending and
doctor's visits with happy news and
that teachers will no longer have to do any grading and
being able to wear scrubs or sweatpants to work
will be fulfilled.

8.  How I'm Doing
Some people have written me over the past week or two and have asked if me I am doing okay since I haven't been writing as much lately.
The answer is yes, I'm okay.
I think most bloggers (even fake ones like myself) can attest to the fact that sometimes you get in writing slumps.  
That, no matter, what happens, you can't quite think of what to write, or how to write it.
So, things are good.
But, your notes of encouragement and your notes of reassuring prayers are so helpful.
And calming.
Thank you.

9.  Latest Splurge

That's right, I like to live on the edge.

10.  Grading
Just in case you were wondering, it's still not done.
Son of a gun.

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