Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 30. And then some.

You get this again.  Because it is easier.  Paragraphs seem quite overwhelming right now.

1.  I am 30 1/2 weeks.  I have sworn not to complain because I have sent up a gajillion prayers to get to this point and I know how many women would tell me to shut up.  As they should.  So, I won't complain.  Let's just say the X-Large maternity whale shirts that I bought 3-4 weeks ago?  They are not quite covering the belly anymore.

2.  And I refuse to compare myself to full-term singleton pregnant bellies.  Because it makes me feel a bit jealous. Not jealous of the fact that they are losers and are only having one kid.  But because their bellies look like mine did at approximately week 5.  I know I should be huge and chubby.  So, I will not compare. At least not out loud.  Inside my head I am pretty sure I could be giving birth to a T-Rex.

3.  My students have named Herbie and Puckett "Billy" and "Emily."  I am not sure how that got started but it is going to be weird calling them by other names when they are born.

4.  We have cancelled all of our magazine subscriptions in order to save money.  We figured we needed to save the money and we will not have time to read them either.

5.  I am pretty sure we have picked out names.  This was not fun for me- it felt like a lot of pressure. And Dave hated every name I did or ran it through his "16-year-old-locker-room filter" and decided that certain names just wouldn't work, even if we absolutely loved them.  I don't know if I should be impressed if that filter in D's head still works like it did 15 some-odd years ago.

5.  Pictures from October 15- Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.   Fergs still loves to join in.

6.  My very thoughtful coworker and friend (who serves me ice water every morning) remembered October 15 and brought me flowers.  Amazing woman with an amazing heart and an amazing memory.  Thanks, little one.

7.  I am also trying to get as much Christmas shopping done now as I can. No matter what happens, I will not be going shopping.  I will either be a whale and whales cannot and should not go shopping.  Or I will be home with Herbs and Puckett and I refuse to take them out Christmas shopping.  And I will probably refuse to change out of sweat pants.  So, I won't be going.

8. I got a package in the mail from my old coworker/boss.  She is a woman, I must admit, that I kind of idolize.  She is not only an incredibly talented educator, but she has a heart of gold and a sense of humor that rocks my world.  Thanks for the adorable, onesies, JS.  I especially love the bears brushing their teeth.  And oh look, there's my belly.

9.  My mom's neighbor also visited me at school the other day.  She dropped off a whole slew of gifts for me.  An adorable wall hanging for the nursery and some ear warmers for me that I'll definitely use for recess duty.  But the best part of the gift? Just look at these things! Obviously, her sewing talents are ridiculous.
Square-toed quilted boots for Herbie.
Round-toe quilted books for Puckett.
10.  Another package came this week too.  From Dave's parents and sister and family.  It was a box filled with goodies for us and the babies.  Dave's sister made us yummy bread and cookies. And they also included some baby clothes and blankets that they had acquired through (I am assuming) my other sister-in-law.  Then, also, there was an ear thermometer (that I was too cheap to register for) and some handmade, sewn car seat covers.  I had looked on for some and registered for some, but they were super expensive and a lot more cover than what we need here in Kansas.  She made these and they fit the carseats perfectly--complete with zippers and velcro face cover flap things. I think I should get a job writing product descriptions.

11. No belly pics.  As that requires energy. And a wide-angle lens, which I don't have.

12.  I have another Dr. appointment on Thursday.  I will have an ultrasound, which will include a biophysical profile, meeting with the doctor, and a non-stress test.  I'm pretty sure I'll be there until midnight at this rate, but I don't care.  They are doing everything they can to make sure they are growing the way they should, have the muscle movements that they should, and are practicing breathing as they should.  I'll sit there for days if I need to.

13.  I don't remember the last time I read a book.  That is sad. Maybe that is why I am becoming dumber.

14.  Does Eli Manning look like he is a 13 year old boy?  Like he should be going to a private boarding school for pre-pubescent boys.  No?  Just me?

15.  The baby room is starting to be done.  By that, I mean that if babies came we would be fine.  We just wouldn't be able to walk around that much.  Here's a sneak peak.

One crib came.  Not sure where the other one is.  Stuck somewhere. I need to call but that would require my cell phone to work inside my house.  Ugh.  The cribs we ordered were one of the top five on Consumer Reports for safety, construction, and ease of putting together.  They also convert to toddler beds and full beds.  And, kitty cannot get in it.

The dresser D painted and the frame my sister got my after Maggie died (it has the e.e. cummings quote on it). I'm still not sure what picture to put in it.  Ideas?

The bookshelf on the opposite wall of the dresser.  Momentos and baby books, etc. I've picked up along the way.  The blurred parts are either pictures of inappropriate things. Or the first letters of their names.  You choose.

 One of my favorite parts of the shelf- can't forget my original babies, Maggie and Nugget.  Since no place makes hawk anything, I went with the birds instead.

One of my favorite Curly Girl prints (see up close at the top of this entry and I used it in this post right after Maggie was born) and a bull for D that I spray painted. On the driveway. In a box.  When it was windy.  Wife Fail.

The cribs will eventually go along the right wall under the long, skinny window.  The desk and tubs and piles o' crap will be moved.

16.  I think that is it.  I am full of baby. I love it.  I wish December would be here already.  And they cannot wait to meet everyone.


  1. LOVE all the details and glad to hear you've made it to 30 weeks! So excited that you get to meet your babies soon!

    P.S. You know you said your former boss has a heart of "cold" :) tee hee

    From hannah

    1. Oh Boy! Fixed that typo super quickly! I knew I should have edited, but I was too tired. Just read your blog--and I am determined to read more when it isn't my bed time. Love from Kansas.

  2. I love nursery pictures! Praying for continued health for you and babies.

    PS: I think you're allowed to least a little. ;)

  3. Growing twins is hard work and you should be able to express that! I love how much you have done and all the sweet things people have been doing for you. There is much love coming your way!

  4. So happy you are at this place. The boots are ADORABLE! Everything is so well thought out. Praying all continues well for you as you approach their arrival. Looking forward to holding them (if you allow all us germy folks to do so) down the road in church! Blessings to you all!


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