Sunday, October 7, 2012

13 + 1 Things

1.  Puckett is currently kicking the crud out of the right side of my abdomen.  It's fantastic, but I'm curious if her unending movement and endless twitching is a sign of what's to come.  She may have inherited some of her father's ADHD. If so, she should crash and burn within a matter of minutes (does anyone have a husband who can be leaping off the walls and sprinting throughout the house (and singing the Beach Boys) and 5 minutes later be asleep and snoring on the couch?  It baffles me.).

2.  My week was kind of a bummer.  I will try not to be Debbie Downer (that ones for you jjrrmgt ladies) but I did help myself to a healthy does of pregnancy hormones and wailing on the couch.

3.  I went in to do my glucose/diabetes testing.  I got fruit punch flavor and it wasn't too bad.  Melted lollipop or snowcone maybe?  Two things regarding this:

  • There was a smack-down in the blood lab.  To keep a long story short, 2 60 year old women were going to have a cat fight due to some money one of them owed on a dog or whatever.  And, instead of stopping the fight, all of the people at the lab just watched and listened.  
  • I failed my glucose test.  I was 5 points over. I wasn't actually really shocked and I know it's not the end of the world- that if I do have gestational diabetes, that there are meds, diets, etc that will help with that.  I lost it when the lady told me that I would need to fast and come to the clinic at 7:30 am and it would be pushing it if I would make it to work by 12:15 (which would be my time to report back to work if I took a half day).  So, now I will use another sick day (which could be saved for munchkins) to sit in a nasty blood lab, drink a nasty drink, to find out what the deal is.  Hoping I can keep myself busy- but the phlebotomist told me I couldn't leave, smoke, or sleep.  So, now I don't know what I"m going to do.
4.  If you are a teacher, you will understand my angst and pain with this one.  We talked about and read over our new Common Core Standards this past week.  I got to the part about teaching mythological characters so that kids can determine the meaning of new words ("such as Herculean..." it read).  I couldn't decide if I should cry, crap my pants, or go stuff my face. I did none of the above.  I waited to get home to do 2 of the 3.  

5.  My mom washed about 15 loads of blankets, hats, bibs, clothes, etc that were baby clothes from my sister.  She is a gem of a ma.  Remember when I said Herbie would be buck-naked? Not so much the case- especially once he is a little older.  I think I should be fine with clothes once they get older, but the small newborn/premie clothes are still slim pickins'--my sister's kids were beasts (cute but fatty) and I have a feeling mine will not be quite as big (at least I am hoping).

6. I got a great dose of friend time yesterday.  Several of us met up to go to a Barn/Craft sale (if you live near south-central Kansas, you should hit it up--look for it on The Rusted Chain website to find out when it is next year.  I didn't buy much, but there was a ton of vendors and lots of fun stuff (and people) to look at.

7. After the barn sale we went to some consignment shops, ate lunch and what not, and then headed to the big town of the 'Ta so they could help me register. I was totally fine with Dave not joining me for several reasons.  #1- when I told him that we should probably register he said, "Register to vote? You're already registered."  Huh.  Sign #1.  #2- if I recall any of the registration for our wedding, he wanted to scan other things, such as bags of candy, DVDs, and boxes of cookies.

So, I went with friends.  And it was quite enjoyable.  I didn't scan a thing.  Instead, a dear friend took ahold of it and went to town, which was perfect.  The other two said which items I needed and which I could without.  To say the least, I was a bit overwhelmed.  It seems like it would have been easier 20 years ago, when there weren't 3,757 kinds of baby monitors- with or without video or wifi/smart phone capability.  Just stuff 'em in a dresser drawer and you can hear their muffled cries that way. Easy smeasy.  But, I think we've got it done.   We obviously didn't register for the big things or the totally unnecessary things (like the cutest clothes known to man kind), but I feel like we're at a good place now as far as baby tools are concerned.

8.  After all of the walking from yesterday plus the charlie horse cramps I had in my calves last night, I wouldn't mind either being a quadriplegic today or having a motor scooter.  My first choice is obviously the motor scooter.  Please don't get all offended.

9. I spent most of last night organizing clothes and separating them by sizes and genders.  Clothes for the next few months are hung and folded and, I guess, ready.  And I loved every second of it.  This is something I've been praying to do for so many years now.  

10.  Newborn baby socks may be the best invention of all times.  They are like little backpacks for baby carrots they are so small.  Or maybe sleeping bags for Lego guys.

11.  D has been a gem to help me out a ton the last couple of weeks. He's been unloading all of the baby stuff into their room, getting dinner ready, massaging my swollen feet (gross, I know), unpacking things, making schedules for me so that I can take my meds at certain times, vacuuming, doing the dishes and yardwork, offering to help me grade papers, and still making me laugh.  

12. I met with Dr. Eck after my glucose stuff (and they ran my blood work so that I could get my RhoGam shot at my next appointment. Vomit.).  She said that my belly is measuring that of a 34 week pregnant singleton woman.  And I need to cut back on my sodium and put my feet up more so that they are less Flinstone-ish.

13.  About 8 weeks away from hitting the 36 week mark (which is the average for when twins deliver). How in the world did that happen? That is so fantastic.  I can't wait to hold those little things. And, the weird thing? I can't wait to hear them.  Their little squeaks and loud cries.

14.  Isn't 13 a bad number to end on?


  1. Registering with a husband is a dangerous thing. When we got married, M registered us for neon and tie-dyed duct tape. He did better with baby registering, but only because my mom and grandma were with us! Glad to know I'm not the only one who had to reign in the scanner gun fun!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Kate McNulty here, the ESL teacher that took over your post at Sand Creek! I was talking with Amy Anderson this morning about Glucose tests and she mentioned you. First off, congratulations on your twin pregnancy! I gave birth to twin boys last April, so I'd love to connect with you, share some stories (if you want to listen) and just offer my support. Twin mamas gots to stick together!

    I hope you are feeling well,

  3. Loved this post, Rachel! I smiled thinking of you organizing all of their little newborn clothes. Before our boys were born, we got so many onesies, I nearly donated half of them, thinking we'd never use them all. Ahem, I was VERY wrong. :) Keep growing and doing a wonderful job being mama.


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