Monday, April 2, 2012


So, at 7:00 tonight I was scheduled to get a shot.
Dave always gives them to me.
Because I am like livestock and dogs
and he is good at giving shots to those types of creatures.
And it's insanely romantico.

So, I rushed home.  
Got home at 6:40.
He wasn't home.
Dave is on call.
He had 723 more calls to do before he gets home.

He told me those dreaded words.
That I'd have to give the shot

(For those of you that do this all the time, fellow infertility-ants or diabetics, I apologize. I know most of you do this all the time.  Just ignore my ramblings.)

Seriously guys?
I am a teacher.
I know how to teach Guided Reading
and give DIBELS
and how to use manipulatives to teach division.
NOT give shots.
To myself.
Not cool.

But, I pulled myself up by my boot straps.
I grew some huevos
and gave myself the shot.

Taken from my pharmacy's videos of how to give yourself a shot. If you want to watch the whole thing, let me know. Or, for a price, I can do live shows, too.
And it didn't even hurt at all.
I just didn't look 
and jammed that guy into my belly
and prayed to the good Lord that that liquid gold would flow quickly to my follicles that are on an IEP.
(Teacher humor.)

And, to be honest,
I am proud of myself.
I did something that I never thought I could do.
It's amazing what this journey will do to you.

The only problem during the whole thing?
The needle bent.
When it rammed into my abs of steel.


  1. Way to go! I was so nervous the first time I had to do my own shot.

  2. Haha! You bent the needle? Just be glad you don't have to do a IM shot yourself. Those suckers are 1.5 to 2 inch needles and the angle you have to twist to inject...blech. Anyhow, go you!

  3. Great job! I'm scared to death for the day I may possibly have to do this. If I ever am in that situation, I'll think of you for my courage!

  4. you are great. i did it for the first time this cycle because my husband ended up working a 36 hour shift. i was shocked at how it didnt' hurt. and i have done every one since. NEVER thought i could give myself a shot. i don't look, ever. for the bloodwork, IV's, every single needle that has entered my body in the past 32 yrs of life, i have refused to look at. now, i watch when i do mine, but it's a big hurdle! congrats!

  5. I'm a nurse and even though I have no problem giving myself subQ shots...there is NO NO NO way I could ever give myself an IM shot. So you being a teacher and giving yourself a subQ is AWESOME!!! Congrats on the shot-giving =)And best wishes this cycle...I'll be praying for YOU!!!


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