Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today was kind of a big deal.

Today we had our 20 week (I'm 19.1) anatomy scan with the MFM.
This is kind of a big deal.

I realize that most of you will skip forward through my babble
and get to the part about the babies' goods.
That's fine.
But, to me, to us, that is not the most important thing.
Our biggest concern was if they were healthy.
And growing.
And doing what they should.

I will cut to the chase and tell you that they are wonderful.
And, at this point, are healthy and looking normal.

We had a 90 minute sonogram.
The sonographer was ridiculously good and
it was obvious this was not her first bull ride.
She measured everything and looked at everything
to make sure organs were developing properly
and things were working the way they should.
We got to see toes
and eye sockets
and the 4 chambers of the hearts
and femurs
and baby kidneys
and total cuteness abounding from H & P.
It was a squee!fest for me the entire time.

Unfortunately, she couldn't tell us good or bad news.
She shows the doctor the images
and then the doctor reports to us what is going on.

After the sonogram we had 20 minutes for lunch
and returned to the office to meet with the doctor.
Not surprisingly, she was 45 minutes late.
Which didn't calm my nerves at all.
I was starting to convince myself that something was wrong
if it was taking that long.
She finally came in.
And the words, "We don't see anything that looks concerning.
Everything looks really good"
were the most beautiful and relaxing words I have ever heard.
An answer to prayer 748,473.

We discussed more,
which may or may not come in a later post.

Let me just say,
that it is way fun texting and calling with good news.
And my cheeks hurt from smiling
and my heart is full of...
is there even a word for this feeling?

Here is Herbie, also known as Baby A.
And a thumbsucker.
And a boy.

A beautiful, 11 ounce boy.
And the calmer one of the two.

And here is Puckett, also known as Baby B.
And a mover and shaker.
And a girl.
A precious, 9 ounce girl.
Her little peanut nose about does me in.

We are blessed.
With a little boy and a girl.
Another little son and daughter.

They are healthy.
They are full of life.
They are mine.
I could not ask for more.

And really,
my cup runneth over.
My heart overflows.

Disclaimer: Again, my heart does not forget the sorrow, sadness, and heartbreak that posts like this bring to other people.  I realize that any announcement, of any sort, brings bitterness and questions to the forefront once again. I have not forgotten what it is like to be on that journey and my prayers and thoughts continue to be with those families who feel this sorrow.  I have not forgotten.  When grief carves such a deep hole in your life for so long, one cannot forget.  


  1. Aw, congratulations, they already look so cute! Glad to hear they are healthy and doing well!

  2. Wow... one of each gender. Seems like a perfect pair of twins to me!
    SO cute, and so glad everything looks good!

  3. Love this post. So thankful that they are healthy! I was praying so hard for good news yesterday. And yay for a girl and boy!!! Love you!

  4. Praise the LORD!!! What amazing (BEYOND amazing) news!!! SO SO SO happy for you...I will continue to pray for an uneventful last 19-21 weeks!!!

  5. Having sat through that ultrasound less than three months ago, there was no way I could skip the end to find out the genders. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited you're having one of each, but the really good stuff is finding out that every part of your babies is in perfect working order. Our sonographer didn't even check for gender until the very end when you knew everything else was perfect, because gender doesn't really matter until we knew we've got a healthy baby. It's absolutely amazing to see blood flowing in and out of a heart that small and kidneys that are already working on their own! Nothing else matters, but I'm still glad you get to have one of each!

  6. So, so happy for you, Rachel! What spectacular news and a wonderful day to cherish!

  7. i'm sitting at work, crying. SO happy for you. it's weird, someone i've never met, but feel like i know and understand every word from your mouth. thankful they are doing well, growing well, that joy has come in the morning like promised. i pray for a continued healthy pregnancy and delivery of these two precious miracles. amazing. simply amazing.

  8. Aw... I know this is silly because we have never met. But. I'm sitting here and crying from joy for you. And, praying for all of you - for the safe and blessed journey for you and the precious lives you are mothering. And for their daddy. And, for hope. Because.
    God bless.

  9. Tears of joy for you and tears of remembrance of Maggie just flowing!

  10. OUTSTANDING!!!! Praise God! We are so happy for you both! Keep up the good work! Blessings, Burd

  11. So, so, SO happy for you! What a blessing!

  12. Hi Rachel,
    I'm so happy for you guys! Norm's Mom told me about your blog and said how much she's enjoyed reading it. I think she told me to read it because she knew I would understand your heartache. We too have two angels in heaven. Words can not fully describe the heartache one feels when you lose those precious gifts but we have comfort knowing that we'll see them one day. It's beautiful how you've shared your heart but feeling guilt is very understandable. I had it too but I tried to tell myself that God healed my baby and took him or her home. I'm sure you've felt every emotion possible and now it's so hard to not think something would be wrong. I remember the fear but I know we were carried through our fear and you will be too. We're so happy for you and David, we will continue to pray for your peace and that you and babies make it with flying colors to the end!


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