Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're gonna win, Twins!

Most people that know Dave and me know that we are Minnesota fans.
Dave grew up in Minnesota, adoring every team that hails from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.
By default, I am now a fan.
We are fans of the Twins and Vikings.
Even when we are let down again and again.
And even when the Twins are currently 21 and 33.

I have been schooled in Twins history.
The 1987 World Series.
The 1991 World Series.
Harmon Killebrew.
Kent Hrbek.
Herbie Puckett.
Kent "Herbie" Hrbek and Kirby Puckett- some greats of the Twins.
And now I hope and pray and yearn to learn more about Twins.

I am honored,
beyond the moon,
and as pleased as punch
to introduce you to the newest set of Twins
whom Dave and I are the #1 fans of.

Meet Herbie and Puckett.

Herbie and Puckett.  Both healthy and and wiggly and measuring right on track with healthy heartbeats.  There are no words.  And not enough prayers of thanks being said.
I am 10 weeks.
I know.
It's early to announce.
I maybe should wait longer.
But, I have a few reasons for telling now.

  • School is out.  My biggest fear was kids finding out and me having to tell them that I lost the baby.  (I did that with Maggie's stillbirth.  It isn't fun.)  Now, if kids find out and something tragically happens, parents will be responsible to tell them, not me.  I also knew that if adults found out, it was likely that kids would find out.
  • It is hard to cover this up- for a variety of reasons.  
    • I am no longer fitting into clothes.  This being my 3rd pregnancy, and this time with twins, it is getting impossible to hide this.
    • I work in a small town (and live in a smallish place).  People know each other, people talk, my biz-nass has gotten around to people whom I planned to tell privately or whom I never planned to tell (because I have no idea who they are). 
    • I can't drink certain delicious beverages (Coke, coffee, or otherwise) and I can't eat cold cuts or raw eggs or feta cheese.  This is fine with me.  But, a bit obvious to others that saw I wasn't enjoying coffee or Coke (especially at the end of a frantic school year).
  • I could wait another 2 weeks until I am "out of the danger zone."  But, we all know that it is a bunch of crap.  I get that my chances of miscarrying are less once I am in the 2nd trimester.  But, I am kind of over that.  I'd rather have people know so that they can pray for the twins' health and support us.  I'd rather be able to enjoy people's support of this pregnancy when there are joyful things happening, instead of just when bad things happen.
  • We need your prayers and thoughts and good ju-ju or whatever.  We realize are not out of the woods.  We won't be until Herbie and Puckett are in our arms.  And even then, it's not a sure thing.  But, we are trying to enjoy this as we do not know if this will be our only pregnancy.
Prayers welcomed.
For peaceful hearts.
For less anxiety than what we have had in the last few weeks
(it's been a rocky start).
For calm thoughts.
But, mostly 
for growing and healthy feti (what's the plural of fetus anyways?)
and a healthy place for them to stay for the next 6-7 months.
And, for a happy ending.
We want these twins to do better than those other Twins.

Disclaimer:  To those whom this blog post brings nothing but sadness and tears and reminders of "what is not," I grieve with you.  I debated and thought long and hard about how/when to post this in order to be sensitive to those who see pregnancy announcements and are heartbroken.  Please know that I am aware that these announcements are crushing and devastating and my prayers continue for those who are dealing (or have dealt with) infertility or pregnancy loss.  The journey and grief is never over. It just changes.


  1. I've been checking all day for this post :). Love, love, LOVE it!!! Many, many prayers for the little twiners and a healthy and happy 9 months! Love you, friend!

  2. Oh Rachel, I just got all teary for you reading this! I'm over-the-moon excited for you!!!! Lots of prayers that everything goes well!

  3. Rachel, I'm so excited for you and nervous and feeling all your anxiety as well! This whole pregnancy after stillbirth thing is not for the weak! May you find comfort in the midst of anxiety, peaceful days after stress-filled ones, and abundant love as you carry these miracles. I will hold you in the light of prayer as others are doing for me, and I will pray especially for the privilege of introducing our son to your twins on a nice warm day this winter!


  4. Oh my goodness- to say this is exciting is an understatement!
    Praying lots and lots of prayers for you! :)

  5. So excited for you and Dave! Prayers for you all:)

  6. What wonderful news, Rachel! Rejoicing with you. :)

  7. RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!! YAY! Welcome to the twins club, my friend! You're gonna love it! ;)

  8. Beautiful, just beautiful! Prayers are with you in this exciting time!

  9. Wow Rachel! I am beyond thrilled for you! Congrats and I will be praying for your entire family! Tears of absolute joy!

  10. Thanks for sharing your exciting news and introducing the twins! My thoughts are with you as always and I hope for all the things you wish for to come true.

  11. Yay! So excited for you and will certainly be praying! You are so creative :)

  12. I'm so happy for you. When I saw your blog title I was praying and skimming all of the way to the bottom. I don't even remember what the top was about. :) I will be praying for these little babes.

  13. Words can not express the joy in my heart I feel for you right now! As soon as I saw the post...I knew! I told Larry when you lost Maggie, that one day you'd have twins! Seriously...I did! You can even ask him! I just knew in my heart that God would bless you in a big way! I know from watching a friend lose her child and then being blessed with another...it does not take away the loss of Maggie and Peanut...but it does bring new joy. Our family will be covering you in prayer throughout this entire pregnancy! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Eeek! I was so hoping this is where this post would lead when I first saw the title! CONGRATULATIONS! That is amazing, and some of the best news I've heard in a long time. I wish you a long and healthy pregnancy!! Can't wait to read your updates :)

  15. oh congratulations! so amazing. and you DEFINITELY show much sooner with multiples. the trips were only my 2nd pregnancy, but someone asked me how far along i was at just 5 weeks pregnant! i was in maternity by 10 weeks! prayers for a wonderful, easy, beautiful pregnancy and bringing home babies!!!

  16. So So So So insanely happy for you!! God bless you and Dave and Herbie and Puckett!

  17. What wonderful and exciting news! Twins are the best. I will pray that you have a long and healthy pregnancy with many fond memories of your babes. What a happy day!

  18. Yes!!! Congratulations to you and Dave! :)

  19. Rejoicing with YOU!!! What absolutely positively WONDERFUL news!!! Praying for a peaceful 6-7 more months. Pregnancy after loss is tough so I will be praying for these next few months to fly by but with GOD in your corner and family and friends rooting (and PRAYING) you on...you will make it to those precious babies!!! It will be (one) if not the best day of your life =)

  20. Twins - just read this. Sooo cool! I remember praying "God just give me one!" and I got two, by a different means, but it is exciting to see He has blessed you the same way....two. Here is to Herbie and Puckett! Yahh! Joy in my soul happy for you!

  21. This is my first time reading your blog and I LOVED this announcement. Will be praying for you and your twins!


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