Tuesday, May 8, 2012


1. Recently Pinned 
From here or visit her blog directly.
2.  Stressed
My car battery was dead.
W could not find the jumper cables.
I finally found them.
The cables were too short.
We couldn't move car in garage.
It was field trip day
and I was late.

When I was finally on my way?
The car in front of my smoked a cat.
I saw the piles of puffy fur fly,
the cat hobbled off to the shoulder,
and threw itself down on the ground.

3. Freedom

Listen to every.single.word.
4. Recently Read
About this couple who are now expecting two sets of twins.
Amazing story.
She is pregnant with twins.
Her best friend offered to be her surrogate
and is now carrying twins.
I hope they like each other.

 5. New Online Resource
Still Standing Online Magazine has just recently started.
Everything that I've read is amazing.
And perfectly written.
And written by real women.
I just read Still Standing-The Journey.

6. Heart of Life
No, it won't all go the way it should
But I know the heart of life is good.

7.  We'll Try Anything 
If you are doing an IVF cycle,
maybe try renting a clown to increase your chances of success.
Whatever works.
(And, who was the genius who thought of this study?
I think I should have a scientist study if 
eating superfluous amounts of cake 
while watching movies in bed 
while getting a massage
increases the chances of fertility.
I will volunteer for this study.
Sadly, I think the result would just be a fatty, relaxed, but happy woman.
Until I had to put on real pants.
Then it would be World War III.)

8.  Recently Counted
11.5 days of school.
The end of a school year should be the eighth deadly sin.
That and Rocky Mountain Oysters.

9. Recently Made from Pinterest
Homemade Taco Seasoning.
Make it.
Way cheaper than those packets.
And way better.

10. Recently Watched

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  1. Don't you love still standing? I just spent some time exploring it yesterday and loved Tara's submission as well.

    And the article about the two sets of twins? Crazy sauce.


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